Apple to Introduce Android's Oldest Customization Feature to iOS 18

In a surprising move, Apple has announced that they will be introducing a feature to iOS 18 that has been a staple of Android's customization options for years. This move by Apple marks a significant departure from their traditionally closed ecosystem, and it has sparked a lot of excitement and speculation from iPhone users and tech enthusiasts alike.

Embracing Android's Customization

For years, one of the defining features of Android has been its flexibility and customizability. Users have had the ability to personalize their devices with third-party launchers, widgets, and custom app icons. Meanwhile, Apple has maintained a more restrictive approach, with limited customization options and a focus on a more curated and consistent user experience.

However, with the upcoming release of iOS 18, Apple is set to change that by introducing a feature that will allow iPhone users to customize their home screens with third-party widgets and custom app icons. This is a significant departure from Apple's traditional approach and has the potential to revolutionize the way iPhone users interact with their devices.

The Impact of Customization on User Experience

Customization has long been a point of contention between iOS and Android users. While iOS has been praised for its simplicity and ease of use, many users have yearned for the ability to personalize their devices to better reflect their individuality and preferences. On the other hand, Android's open approach to customization has been one of its defining characteristics, offering users a level of control and personalization that has set it apart from iOS.

With the introduction of this new customization feature in iOS 18, Apple is aiming to bridge this gap and offer iPhone users the ability to tailor their devices to their liking without compromising the overall user experience. This move has the potential to make iOS more appealing to a wider audience of users who have been drawn to Android's customization options in the past.

The Evolution of iOS

Apple's decision to introduce this feature to iOS 18 reflects a broader shift in the company's approach to its mobile operating system. In recent years, Apple has made a concerted effort to make iOS more flexible and user-friendly, with notable updates such as the introduction of the App Library and the ability to set third-party mail and browser apps as default.

By embracing Android's oldest customization feature, Apple is continuing this trend and signaling a willingness to adapt to the evolving needs and preferences of its user base. This move is likely to have a significant impact on the competitive landscape of the smartphone market, as it could potentially sway users who have been on the fence between iOS and Android.

The Potential for Third-Party Innovation

The introduction of this new customization feature to iOS 18 also has the potential to spur innovation and creativity within the third-party app developer community. With the ability to create and offer custom app icons and widgets, developers will have the opportunity to offer users a whole new level of personalization and customization for their iOS devices.

This could lead to a flourishing ecosystem of third-party customization options, offering users a wide range of choices to personalize their devices in ways that were previously only available on Android. As a result, iPhone users can look forward to a more diverse and dynamic user experience, with the ability to tailor their devices to their unique tastes and preferences.

The Future of Smartphone Customization

The introduction of this feature in iOS 18 marks a significant milestone in the ongoing evolution of smartphone customization. With Apple embracing a feature that has long been a hallmark of Android, it speaks to the growing importance of personalization and flexibility in the user experience.

As smartphone users continue to seek devices that reflect their individuality and preferences, this move by Apple is likely to have a ripple effect throughout the industry. It could encourage other smartphone manufacturers to reevaluate their approach to customization and offer users more options to personalize their devices.


The introduction of Android's oldest customization feature to iOS 18 is a significant development that is likely to reshape the landscape of smartphone customization and user experience. By embracing this feature, Apple is opening up new possibilities for iPhone users to personalize their devices and make them truly their own.

With the potential for third-party innovation and a more diverse ecosystem of customization options, iPhone users can look forward to a more dynamic and personalized user experience. This move by Apple also reflects a broader shift in the company's approach to iOS, signaling a willingness to adapt to the evolving needs and preferences of its user base.

Overall, the introduction of this feature to iOS 18 has the potential to have a profound impact on the smartphone market, setting a new standard for customization and user experience across the industry.

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