Appalachian Power Files Rate Review Application

Appalachian Power, a subsidiary of American Electric Power (AEP), has recently filed an application with the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) for a review of its rates. The company is seeking approval from the SCC to adjust its base rates for the distribution of electric power in Virginia.

In its filing, Appalachian Power is proposing to increase its annual revenue by approximately $10 million, or 1.9%. The utility company is requesting the rate adjustment to recover costs associated with infrastructure investments and upgrades, as well as to offset declining revenue due to factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Appalachian Power serves over half a million customers in Virginia and is committed to providing reliable and affordable electric service to its customers. The company's rate review application will undergo a thorough review process by the SCC to ensure that any proposed rate changes are fair and reasonable for customers.


Appalachian Power has a long history of serving customers in Virginia, dating back to the early 1900s. The company's electric distribution system spans across the state, delivering power to residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

In recent years, the energy landscape has been rapidly evolving, with a growing emphasis on renewable energy, grid modernization, and sustainability. To meet the evolving needs of its customers, Appalachian Power has been making significant investments in its infrastructure and technology, aimed at improving reliability, enhancing efficiency, and integrating clean energy resources into its power generation portfolio.

These investments have led to considerable capital expenditures for the company, as it upgrades aging infrastructure and implements new technologies to meet the changing demands of its customers. Appalachian Power's proposal for a rate adjustment reflects the need to recover these investments and ensure the continued delivery of reliable electric service.

Rate Review Process

The rate review process is an essential part of ensuring that utility companies operate in the best interest of their customers. When a utility company like Appalachian Power submits a rate review application, it is required to provide detailed information about its financial performance, operational costs, and investment plans.

The SCC, as the regulatory body overseeing utility rates in Virginia, carefully examines the information provided by the utility company and conducts a comprehensive review to determine if the proposed rate changes are justified and reasonable. The SCC also considers input from stakeholders, including consumer advocacy groups and other interested parties, to gather a broad range of perspectives on the rate proposal.

During the review process, the SCC assesses the impact of the proposed rate changes on customers, weighing the potential benefits of infrastructure investments and service improvements against the financial burden placed on ratepayers. The goal of the review process is to strike a balance that ensures fair and reasonable rates while allowing utility companies to recover their costs and continue providing reliable service.

Customer Impact

If the rate review application is approved by the SCC, Appalachian Power's customers in Virginia could see a modest increase in their electric bills. The proposed rate adjustment of 1.9% would translate to an average increase of approximately $2.38 per month for residential customers using 1,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity.

While any rate increase can be a concern for customers, it's important to recognize the broader context of the utility's request. Appalachian Power's proposal is driven by the need to maintain and improve its infrastructure, enhance grid reliability, and support the transition to cleaner energy sources. These investments are vital for ensuring a sustainable and resilient energy system that meets the needs of customers now and in the future.

Additionally, Appalachian Power is committed to working with customers who may be facing financial hardship. The company offers various programs and resources to assist customers in managing their energy costs and accessing support during challenging times.

Energy Transition and Future Plans

As the energy sector continues to evolve, Appalachian Power is actively adapting to meet the changing demands and expectations of its customers and the broader community. The utility company is focused on expanding its use of renewable energy sources, integrating energy storage technologies, and implementing smart grid solutions to enhance efficiency and reliability.

Appalachian Power has made significant investments in solar and wind power generation, adding clean energy capacity to its portfolio and reducing its carbon footprint. The company is also exploring opportunities to deploy advanced metering infrastructure and grid modernization technologies, enabling more precise monitoring and control of the electric distribution system.

In addition to modernizing its infrastructure and expanding its use of renewable energy, Appalachian Power is committed to engaging with stakeholders and communities to develop sustainable energy solutions that benefit everyone. The company actively participates in discussions on energy policy, collaborates with local governments and organizations, and seeks to promote energy efficiency and conservation among its customers.

Appalachian Power's approach to the energy transition reflects a broader industry-wide shift towards a more diverse, sustainable, and resilient energy future. By investing in modern infrastructure and embracing clean energy technologies, the company is laying the foundation for a more reliable, affordable, and environmentally responsible electric system.


The rate review application filed by Appalachian Power with the Virginia State Corporation Commission represents a critical step in the ongoing effort to modernize and improve the electric distribution system in Virginia. The proposed rate adjustment, if approved, will enable the utility company to recover costs associated with infrastructure investments and continue providing reliable electric service to its customers.

As the SCC conducts a thorough review of the rate proposal, it will be essential to consider the broader context of the utility's investments and the evolving energy landscape. Appalachian Power's commitment to sustainability, reliability, and customer service should be weighed against the potential impact of any rate changes on customers, ensuring a fair and balanced outcome for all stakeholders.

The rate review process offers an opportunity for stakeholders to engage, provide input, and contribute to shaping the future of energy in Virginia. By considering the perspectives of customers, advocacy groups, and the utility company, the SCC can make informed decisions that promote a sustainable, equitable, and resilient energy system for the benefit of all.

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