Days Gone Receives Stunning Next-Gen Remaster and Free Download

The open-world action-adventure game, Days Gone, has been remastered for the next-generation of gaming consoles, and it's available to download for free to all PlayStation Plus subscribers in the month of April. Developed by Bend Studio and originally released in 2019, Days Gone has been revamped to take advantage of the new hardware, promising stunning visuals and improved performance. With its vast, post-apocalyptic world and intense survival gameplay, Days Gone has been a beloved title among fans of the genre. Now, with this new remaster, players can experience the game like never before.

Enhanced Visuals and Performance

Days Gone for the next-gen console promises to deliver a significant upgrade in visuals and performance. With support for 4K resolution and targeting 60 frames per second, players can expect a smoother and more immersive experience. The game also features improved textures, draw distances, and foliage density, enhancing the overall visual fidelity. The remaster takes advantage of the new hardware to bring the post-apocalyptic world of Days Gone to life in stunning detail.

Fast Loading Times

In addition to the visual upgrades, the remaster also takes advantage of the new console's SSD to significantly reduce loading times. Players can expect a more seamless and uninterrupted gameplay experience, as they explore the vast and dangerous world of Days Gone without the inconvenience of long loading screens.

DualSense Integration

Days Gone for the next-gen console also includes support for the DualSense controller, offering players a new level of immersion through haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. The controller's advanced features are leveraged to enhance the gameplay experience, bringing players closer to the action and making every encounter feel more intense and visceral.

Free Download for PlayStation Plus Subscribers

As an added bonus, Days Gone is available to download for free to all PlayStation Plus subscribers in the month of April. This presents a great opportunity for players who may have missed out on the game's original release to experience it in its enhanced and improved form. The free download offer is a fantastic way for new players to dive into the world of Days Gone without any additional cost, and for returning players to rediscover the game with all the new upgrades and improvements.

The World of Days Gone

Set in a sprawling, open-world environment, Days Gone takes place in the Pacific Northwest, ravaged by a global pandemic that has transformed much of the population into mindless, feral creatures known as Freakers. Players take on the role of Deacon St. John, a bounty hunter and drifter, as he navigates through the dangerous wilderness, battling both the infected and hostile human survivors. The game's narrative is driven by Deacon's personal journey, seeking answers and closure in this chaotic and unforgiving world.

Survival Gameplay

Days Gone features a robust survival gameplay system, where players must scavenge for resources, craft weapons and items, and manage their health and stamina to survive against the various threats they encounter. The game offers a wide range of weaponry and tactics, allowing players to approach encounters in their own preferred style. With a dynamic day-night cycle and changing weather conditions, players must adapt to the environment and strategize their actions to overcome the challenges they face.

Engaging Story and Characters

Aside from the intense action and survival gameplay, Days Gone also boasts a compelling narrative and well-developed characters. The game dives into themes of loss, loyalty, and redemption, as Deacon embarks on a journey that intertwines with the struggles of the remaining human communities and factions. The emotional depth of the story and the complex relationships between the characters provide a deeper layer of engagement and investment for players as they progress through the game's narrative.

Critical and Player Reception

Upon its initial release, Days Gone received a mixed reception from critics and players. While some praised the game's atmospheric world, engaging story, and compelling gameplay, others criticized technical issues, pacing, and repetitive mission structure. With the new-gen remaster, Bend Studio has addressed many of the previous concerns and improved the overall experience, addressing technical shortcomings and refining the gameplay to offer a more polished and enjoyable adventure.

Community and Continued Support

Despite the initial reception, Days Gone has amassed a dedicated community of fans who have embraced the game and its world. Bend Studio has continued to support the title with post-launch updates and additional content, further enriching the experience for players. The new-gen remaster marks a significant milestone for the game, reaffirming the studio's commitment to delivering an exceptional gameplay experience and ensuring that Days Gone remains relevant and captivating for both new and returning players.

Embracing the Next Generation

The remaster of Days Gone for the next-gen console is a testament to the evolution and potential of gaming experiences on new hardware. By harnessing the power and capabilities of the PlayStation 5, Bend Studio has elevated the game to new heights, offering players a visually stunning and technically refined experience that enhances the core elements of the game. The remaster serves as a prime example of how older titles can be revitalized and reimagined for the next generation of gaming, showcasing the ongoing innovation and creativity in the industry.


As Days Gone receives its stunning next-gen remaster and becomes available as a free download to PlayStation Plus subscribers, it presents an exciting opportunity for players to experience the game in its enhanced form. With improvements in visuals, performance, and controller integration, the remaster breathes new life into the post-apocalyptic world, offering a more immersive and engaging gameplay experience. Whether players are returning to Days Gone or exploring it for the first time, the remaster represents a significant step forward for the game and a compelling entry point into its captivating world. Bend Studio's dedication to delivering a high-quality and memorable gaming experience is evident in this remaster, and it sets the stage for the continued evolution and potential of gaming experiences on the next generation of consoles.

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