Google's Neglect of UWB in Android's Find My Device Network

In recent years, Google has made significant strides in improving the security and privacy of its Android ecosystem. One of the key features that has been introduced is the Find My Device network, which allows users to locate their lost or stolen devices with the help of other nearby Android devices.

While the Find My Device network has been praised for its effectiveness in helping users retrieve their lost devices, there has been criticism surrounding Google's neglect of Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology in this network. UWB technology offers precise, indoor positioning capabilities that could greatly enhance the functionality of Find My Device, yet Google has yet to fully embrace this technology in their ecosystem.

The Potential of UWB in Find My Device Network

Ultra-Wideband technology has been gaining traction in recent years due to its high-accuracy positioning capabilities. Unlike traditional Bluetooth or GPS, UWB can provide precise location data, even in indoor environments where GPS signals may be weak or non-existent.

In the context of the Find My Device network, the integration of UWB technology could greatly improve the accuracy and reliability of locating lost or stolen devices. With UWB, users would be able to pinpoint the exact location of their device within a building or crowded area, reducing the margin of error and false positives that can occur with traditional location tracking methods.

Furthermore, UWB technology could also enable other advanced features in the Find My Device network, such as proximity-based security measures and seamless device pairing. With UWB, users could potentially have a more secure and reliable means of identifying and interacting with their devices, enhancing the overall user experience and peace of mind.

Apple's Integration of UWB in Find My Network

While Google has yet to fully embrace UWB in its Find My Device network, Apple has already integrated this technology into its Find My network. With the introduction of the AirTag and U1-equipped devices, Apple has leveraged UWB to provide precise location tracking and enhanced user experiences for its ecosystem.

The U1 chip in Apple's devices allows for spatial awareness and precise localization, enabling users to easily track down misplaced items within their proximity. This level of accuracy and reliability has been well-received by Apple users and has set a new standard for device tracking and location-based services.

Google's Lack of UWB Integration

Despite the clear potential of UWB technology in enhancing the Find My Device network, Google has yet to fully embrace this technology in its ecosystem. This neglect of UWB integration has led to criticism from users and tech enthusiasts who see UWB as a crucial advancement in device tracking and security.

One of the key reasons for Google's lack of UWB integration may be the limited availability of UWB-enabled devices in the Android ecosystem. While flagship devices from manufacturers such as Samsung and Xiaomi have started to incorporate UWB technology, the overall adoption of UWB in Android devices is still in its early stages.

Additionally, the lack of a dedicated UWB chip in Google's own Pixel lineup further hinders the integration of this technology into the Find My Device network. Without native support for UWB, Google is faced with the challenge of providing a consistent and reliable UWB experience across a wide range of Android devices from various manufacturers.

The Potential for Future Integration

Despite the current neglect of UWB in Android's Find My Device network, there is still potential for Google to embrace this technology in the future. As more Android devices adopt UWB technology and as the ecosystem matures, Google may recognize the value of integrating UWB into its device tracking and security features.

Furthermore, Google's recent efforts in advancing the capabilities of its ecosystem, such as the development of the Nearby Share feature for seamless device communication, indicate a focus on creating a more connected and user-friendly experience. UWB technology could align with this vision by offering precise and reliable device tracking and interaction capabilities.

As the demand for enhanced device security and location tracking continues to grow, Google may find it advantageous to leverage UWB technology to further differentiate its ecosystem and provide a competitive edge in the market. By embracing UWB, Google could enhance the overall user experience and establish itself as a leader in advanced device tracking and security features.


The neglect of UWB technology in Android's Find My Device network highlights a missed opportunity for Google to enhance the security and user experience of its ecosystem. While UWB offers precise and reliable location tracking capabilities, Google has yet to fully embrace this technology in its device tracking and security features.

The integration of UWB technology could provide users with a more accurate and reliable means of locating their lost or stolen devices, as well as enable advanced security and interaction features within the Android ecosystem. With Apple already leveraging UWB in its Find My network, Google's neglect of UWB raises questions about its commitment to advancing the capabilities of its ecosystem.

Despite the current lack of UWB integration, there is potential for Google to embrace this technology in the future as the Android ecosystem evolves and UWB adoption expands. By recognizing the value of UWB technology and leveraging it to enhance the Find My Device network, Google could further differentiate its ecosystem and provide users with an advanced and reliable device tracking and security experience.

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