Hosting Guests for the Paris Olympics: A Humorous Take


In a recent Edith Pritchett cartoon published in The Washington Post, the artist humorously captures the anticipation and trepidation of hosting guests during the Paris Olympics. The cartoon beautifully encapsulates the blend of excitement and anxiety that comes with welcoming visitors to your home, especially during a grand event like the Olympics. Through her art, Pritchett highlights the universal experience of playing host and the myriad of emotions that accompany it.

Deciphering the Cartoon

The cartoon depicts a couple standing in their lavishly decorated living room, nervously eyeing their belongings as they prepare to host guests for the Paris Olympics. The couple's expressions oscillate between excitement and apprehension, indicating the mix of emotions that often accompany the act of hosting. Meanwhile, their cat snoozes nonchalantly on the sofa, seemingly unfazed by the impending influx of visitors.

The living room itself is adorned with grandeur, featuring elegant drapes, ornate furniture, and an elaborate chandelier hanging from the ceiling. The opulence of the setting adds a layer of humor to the cartoon, as it contrasts with the couple's underlying concern about the impending arrival of their guests. This contrast highlights the tension between the desire to impress and the fear of things going awry when hosting guests.

The dialogue in the cartoon further amplifies the couple's anxiety. The woman expresses her worry about the potential damage to their belongings, exclaiming, "The Olympics are coming - and we've got all this aging rococo!" Her concern reflects a common fear of hosting guests: the possibility of items in the home being damaged or mishandled. This sentiment resonates with many individuals who have experienced the pressure of preparing their homes for visitors, particularly during significant events such as the Olympics.

Conversely, the man in the cartoon attempts to assuage his partner's concerns by nonchalantly remarking, “It’ll be fine - let’s just hope it doesn’t turn into a 24/7 cat café." His attempt to downplay the situation with humor adds a touch of levity to the scene, illustrating the coping mechanisms people employ to manage their pre-hosting jitters.

The presence of the cat in the cartoon serves as a subtle yet impactful element. While the couple frets over the impending arrival of guests, the cat lounges leisurely, embodying an air of nonchalance. This contrast serves as a poignant commentary on the differing perspectives people have when it comes to hosting guests. While some individuals may stress over the minutiae of hosting, others may adopt a more laid-back approach, much like the serene feline in the cartoon.

Relatability of the Cartoon

Pritchett's portrayal of the couple grappling with the idea of hosting guests for the Paris Olympics resonates with a wide audience. The cartoon strikes a chord with individuals who have experienced the rollercoaster of emotions that come with preparing to host visitors. Whether it's fretting over the pristine condition of one's home or anxiously contemplating the prospect of entertaining guests, the cartoon captures the relatable essence of the pre-hosting experience.

Furthermore, the underlying themes of anticipation, hospitality, and the desire to create a welcoming atmosphere for guests are universal. The cartoon transcends cultural and geographical boundaries, as the experience of hosting guests is a shared human phenomenon. Pritchett's astute portrayal of these themes through her art underscores the timeless and cross-cultural nature of the hosting experience.

Lessons from the Cartoon

Beyond its humor and relatability, the cartoon imparts valuable lessons about the nature of hosting. It sheds light on the blend of excitement and apprehension that often accompanies the act of inviting guests into one's home. The cartoon serves as a gentle reminder that while the preparation and execution of hosting can be daunting, it ultimately stems from a place of warmth and hospitality.

Moreover, the cartoon underscores the importance of finding humor in the midst of hosting-related anxieties. By infusing levity into the depiction of the couple's concerns, Pritchett showcases the power of humor in alleviating pre-hosting jitters. Embracing a lighthearted approach and maintaining a sense of humor can help individuals navigate the intricacies of hosting, transforming what may seem like a daunting task into an enjoyable experience.

Additionally, the cartoon prompts reflection on the true essence of hospitality. While the couple in the cartoon grapples with worries about their belongings and the potential chaos of hosting, the underlying sentiment is one of genuine care for their guests. This serves as a poignant reminder that at the heart of hosting lies a desire to create a welcoming environment and provide comfort and enjoyment for visitors.


Edith Pritchett's cartoon on hosting guests for the Paris Olympics offers a delightful portrayal of the universal experience of preparing to welcome guests into one's home. Through her art, Pritchett captures the blend of excitement, anxiety, and humor that accompanies the act of hosting. The cartoon resonates with a diverse audience, tapping into the relatable nature of the hosting experience and offering valuable lessons on hospitality and the power of humor.

Ultimately, the cartoon serves as a whimsical yet insightful commentary on the multifaceted nature of hosting. It reminds us of the joy and warmth that come with welcoming guests, the comical anxieties that often accompany the preparations, and the enduring power of laughter in navigating the intricacies of hosting. As we anticipate the Paris Olympics and the potential for hosting guests, Pritchett's art offers a delightful perspective on the charming chaos of opening our homes to others.

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