iOS 17.5 Update Allows EU iPhone Users to Download Apps from Websites

Apple has introduced a significant change with the latest iOS 17.5 update that allows iPhone users in the European Union to download apps directly from websites, bypassing the App Store. This move has been highly anticipated and is seen as a response to the ongoing antitrust scrutiny that Apple has been facing in the EU.


For years, Apple has maintained a strict policy that required iPhone users to download apps exclusively from the App Store. This walled-garden approach has been a point of contention for many users and developers, particularly in the EU where regulatory authorities have been pushing for more competition and consumer choice in the digital marketplace.

In response to these concerns, Apple has made a significant change with the iOS 17.5 update, allowing EU iPhone users to download apps directly from websites, without the need to go through the App Store. This change has been well-received by consumers and developers alike, as it gives users more flexibility and allows developers to distribute their apps through alternative channels.


The ability for EU iPhone users to download apps from websites has significant implications for both consumers and developers.

Consumer Benefits

  • More Choice: Consumers now have the option to download apps from websites, giving them more choice and control over their app experience.
  • Increased Security: By allowing users to download apps from trusted websites, Apple is providing a more secure alternative to third-party app stores.

Developer Opportunities

  • Diversified Distribution: Developers can now distribute their apps through their own websites, opening up new distribution channels and reducing reliance on the App Store.
  • Improved Revenue Share: By bypassing the App Store, developers can potentially retain a larger share of their app's revenue.

Reaction from the EU

The iOS 17.5 update has been met with positive feedback from EU authorities, who see it as a step in the right direction towards a more open and competitive app ecosystem. Margrethe Vestager, the European Commissioner for Competition, has praised Apple for taking this crucial step to address the concerns raised by the EU.

Apple's Response

In a statement following the release of the iOS 17.5 update, Apple emphasized its commitment to fostering a fair and competitive app marketplace. The company stated that it is continuously seeking to improve the experience for both users and developers and that the changes introduced in the latest update reflect its dedication to listening to feedback and adapting to the evolving regulatory landscape.

Impact on App Store Policies

The move to allow EU users to download apps from websites could potentially signal a shift in Apple's approach to app distribution. While this change currently only applies to EU users, it could set a precedent for broader policy adjustments in the future.

Global Implications

Although the iOS 17.5 update specifically targets EU users, it has sparked discussions about whether similar changes could be implemented in other regions. The move is seen as a potential influence on global app store policies, as it showcases Apple's willingness to adapt its practices to comply with regional regulations.

Developer Community

The update has also been celebrated by developers, who see it as a positive step towards loosening the grip of the App Store on app distribution. By allowing users to download apps from websites, developers have more freedom to explore alternative distribution methods and potentially reduce their reliance on the App Store.

Future Outlook

The iOS 17.5 update represents a significant milestone in Apple's efforts to address antitrust concerns in the EU. While the change is specific to EU users, it sets a precedent for potential policy adjustments in other regions. The move has been lauded by regulators and welcomed by both consumers and developers, signaling a positive shift towards a more open and competitive app marketplace.

Moving forward, it will be interesting to see how Apple's app store policies evolve in response to regulatory pressures and user feedback. The company's willingness to adapt its practices in the EU could serve as a catalyst for broader changes in the global app ecosystem, ultimately leading to a more diverse and consumer-friendly marketplace for mobile apps.

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