Kelsea Ballerini Talks About Hosting the CMT Music Awards One Last Time and Balancing ‘Goofy’ and Serious Sides

Kelsea Ballerini, the country music star known for hits like "Peter Pan" and "Miss Me More," recently hosted the CMT Music Awards for the last time, and she had a lot to say about the experience. In an interview with Variety, Ballerini opened up about her time hosting the awards show, her plans for the future, and the balancing act of embracing both her goofy and serious sides.

Ballerini, who has hosted the CMT Music Awards for the past three years, revealed that she knew this year’s show would be her last from the beginning. “I think I just wanted to go out on a high note and just do it one last time,” she said. “It’s really bittersweet, but I think it’s the way to go out. It feels right.”

The 28-year-old singer-songwriter, who first burst onto the country music scene in 2015 with her debut album "The First Time," has been a fan favorite as a host, known for her charm, humor, and effortless stage presence. “I feel like hosting is my love language,” Ballerini said. “I love connecting with people, and hosting allows me to do that in a different way.”

Reflecting on her time as a host, Ballerini shared that one of the highlights for her was being able to bring her unique personality to the stage. “I think I’ve just been unapologetically myself, and that’s very freeing,” she said. “It’s allowed me to embrace and show my goofy and serious sides, and to let both of those things live in the same space.”

Ballerini has always been known for her playful and down-to-earth demeanor, often sharing lighthearted moments with her fans on social media. However, she also takes her craft seriously as a musician and performer. “I think that for so long, I’ve felt like those two things have had to be separate,” Ballerini explained. “But I’ve realized that it’s okay to be serious and to also be goofy. Two things can live in the same space.”

The country star’s ability to balance her fun-loving personality with her dedication to her music has been a key factor in her success. Throughout her career, she has established herself as a powerful force in the country music industry, earning multiple award nominations and winning the hearts of fans around the world.

In addition to her hosting duties, Ballerini has been keeping busy with her music career. She recently released her highly anticipated album "kelsea," which features a mix of catchy, upbeat tracks and heartfelt ballads. The album showcases her growth as an artist and has solidified her status as one of the leading voices in country music today.

Ballerini's success as a performer has also extended to her songwriting, with many of her tracks resonating with fans on a deep emotional level. “I’ve always been really open and vulnerable in my songwriting,” she said. “I think that’s the core of everything I do as an artist.”

Looking ahead, Ballerini expressed her excitement about the future and her plans to continue evolving as an artist. “I want to keep challenging myself and growing,” she said. “I don’t ever want to get complacent. I want to keep pushing the boundaries of what I can do, and I want to keep surprising people.”

As she continues to navigate her career in the music industry, Ballerini remains focused on staying true to herself and connecting with her fans. “I just want to keep making music that I love and that resonates with people,” she said. “I want to keep being a voice for the things that are important to me and to my fans. I want to keep making a difference through my music.”

For Ballerini, the journey has been about finding a balance between having fun and taking her work seriously. As she bids farewell to hosting the CMT Music Awards, she leaves behind a legacy of authenticity and genuine connection with the audience. With her infectious personality and undeniable talent, Kelsea Ballerini is sure to continue making waves in the music industry for years to come.

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