Reba McEntire Shares Excitement for ACM Awards Hosting and Teases New Sitcom

Reba McEntire is gearing up for an exciting year ahead as she prepares to host the 56th Academy of Country Music Awards and potentially star in a new sitcom. The country music icon recently sat down with Entertainment Tonight to discuss her hosting gig, her upcoming projects, and her thoughts on the state of the music industry.

ACM Awards Hosting Gig

As a seasoned entertainer with decades of experience in the music industry, Reba McEntire is no stranger to hosting award shows. This year, she will be taking on the hosting duties for the ACM Awards for the 16th time, alongside fellow country music stars Darius Rucker and Luke Bryan. In her interview with Entertainment Tonight, McEntire expressed her enthusiasm for the upcoming event, stating, "It's going to be great to be back on the ACMs stage and to be hosting once again. I always have a blast doing it, and I can't wait to see what surprises and performances are in store for the fans."

McEntire's charisma and wit have made her a fan favorite when it comes to hosting award shows, and her return to the ACM Awards stage is highly anticipated by both fans and industry insiders. With her signature blend of charm and humor, she is sure to keep the audience entertained throughout the evening.

New Sitcom

In addition to her hosting duties, McEntire is also in talks to star in a new sitcom. While details about the project are still under wraps, McEntire hinted at the possibility of returning to the small screen in a new comedic role. She expressed her excitement for the potential project, stating, "I've always loved acting, and I think a sitcom would be a great opportunity to explore a new character and bring some laughter to audiences. I'm looking forward to seeing where this project takes me."

McEntire's previous forays into television, including her successful sitcom "Reba" which aired for six seasons, have showcased her natural talent for comedy and her ability to connect with audiences in a different medium. Her return to television with a new sitcom has the potential to be a major success and further solidify her status as a multi-talented entertainer.

The State of the Music Industry

During her interview with Entertainment Tonight, McEntire also shared her thoughts on the current state of the music industry, acknowledging the challenges that artists and industry professionals have faced in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. She praised the resilience and creativity of artists who have found new ways to connect with their fans through virtual performances and live streams, stating, "It's been a tough year for everyone, but I'm inspired by the way that artists have continued to create and share their music in innovative ways. It just goes to show the power of music to bring people together, even in the most challenging times."

As a veteran in the music industry, McEntire has witnessed the evolution of the industry firsthand and has continually adapted to the changing landscape. Her words of encouragement and support for her fellow artists serve as a testament to her enduring passion for music and her commitment to uplifting the industry as a whole.


Reba McEntire's upcoming hosting gig at the ACM Awards and her potential return to television with a new sitcom mark an exciting new chapter in her illustrious career. Her enduring charisma, wit, and talent continue to captivate audiences, and fans are eagerly anticipating what she has in store for them in the coming months. As she prepares to take the stage to host the ACM Awards once again, and potentially venture into a new television project, McEntire's star continues to shine brightly in the entertainment industry.

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