Seahawks Schedule Pre-Draft Visit with Cooper DeJean

The Seattle Seahawks are making moves ahead of the 2022 NFL Draft, and one of their latest actions is scheduling a pre-draft visit with Cooper DeJean, a promising prospect from the University of South Dakota.

DeJean, a versatile athlete known for his skills as a quarterback and safety, has garnered attention from several NFL teams leading up to the draft. The Seahawks are among those keenly interested in his potential, and the upcoming visit offers them an opportunity to evaluate DeJean more closely and consider how he might fit into their roster.

Cooper DeJean: The Prospect

Cooper DeJean's collegiate career has been nothing short of impressive. Hailing from the small town of Ida Grove, Iowa, he made a significant impact at the University of South Dakota, excelling on both offense and defense. As a quarterback, DeJean showcased his knack for making plays happen, while his defensive prowess as a safety further solidified his status as a versatile and dynamic athlete.

Throughout his time at the University of South Dakota, DeJean consistently demonstrated a high football IQ, exceptional athleticism, and a strong work ethic. These qualities have earned him recognition as a potential impact player at the professional level, drawing the interest of NFL scouts and coaching staff from various teams.

The Seahawks' Interest

The Seahawks' decision to schedule a pre-draft visit with Cooper DeJean signifies their keen interest in assessing his potential fit within their organization. With DeJean's ability to excel in multiple roles and contribute on both offense and defense, he presents an intriguing option for a team like the Seahawks, known for their emphasis on versatility and adaptability in their player personnel.

Furthermore, Seattle's interest in DeJean may also stem from their desire to bolster their roster with versatile athletes capable of making an impact in different facets of the game. As the team looks to build upon their existing strengths and address areas of improvement, DeJean's unique skill set could align with the Seahawks' vision for the future.

Evaluating the Fit

During his upcoming visit with the Seahawks, Cooper DeJean will likely have the opportunity to meet with team personnel, undergo physical assessments, and engage in football-related evaluations. These interactions will provide the Seahawks with valuable insights into DeJean's character, work ethic, and potential contributions to the team.

From a football standpoint, the Seahawks will be looking to evaluate how DeJean's skill set aligns with their offensive and defensive schemes. As a potential candidate for roles on both sides of the ball, DeJean's visit will provide the Seahawks with a chance to envision how he could factor into their game plans and contribute to their overall success.

Additionally, the Seahawks will seek to gain a deeper understanding of DeJean's football acumen, decision-making abilities, and adaptability within the dynamics of the NFL. Through on-field drills, film review, and football-specific discussions, the Seahawks will aim to discern how DeJean's talents can translate to the professional level and how they can maximize his potential impact within their team.

The Seahawks' Draft Strategy

As the Seahawks navigate the pre-draft process, their interest in Cooper DeJean reflects a broader approach to identifying and targeting prospects who can add value to their roster. With a focus on talent evaluation, player development, and roster optimization, the Seahawks are strategically positioning themselves to make impactful selections in the upcoming draft.

The team's commitment to hosting DeJean on a pre-draft visit underscores their commitment to thoroughly assessing his potential impact within their organization. By bringing DeJean in for a closer look, the Seahawks convey their dedication to making informed decisions that align with their long-term vision for success.

Moreover, the Seahawks' interest in a versatile prospect like Cooper DeJean illustrates their willingness to explore unconventional options and embrace players who can offer a multifaceted skill set. As the team looks to enhance their roster and capitalize on opportunities for growth, DeJean represents a compelling candidate who embodies the adaptability and versatility that the Seahawks value in their players.

The Potential Impact

Should the Seahawks elect to pursue Cooper DeJean in the upcoming draft, his addition to the team could inject a new dimension of talent, versatility, and potential into their roster. Given his ability to contribute in various capacities, DeJean could emerge as a valuable asset who elevates the Seahawks' capabilities on both offense and defense.

Furthermore, DeJean's presence on the Seahawks' roster could offer strategic advantages and flexibility in their game planning. His versatility as a player capable of fulfilling multiple roles could enable the Seahawks to deploy innovative schemes, exploit matchup advantages, and enhance their overall competitiveness on game day.

Beyond his on-field contributions, DeJean's work ethic, leadership qualities, and team-first mentality could also align with the Seahawks' organizational values and reinforce the team's culture. By embracing his potential, the Seahawks could further strengthen their team dynamic and foster an environment conducive to sustained success.


As the Seattle Seahawks embark on the pre-draft process, their decision to schedule a visit with Cooper DeJean underscores their commitment to thorough evaluation and strategic roster enhancement. With a focus on identifying prospects who embody versatility, adaptability, and untapped potential, the Seahawks are positioning themselves to make impactful selections in the upcoming draft.

Cooper DeJean's upcoming visit with the Seahawks represents an opportunity for both parties to assess their mutual fit and explore the potential for a future collaboration. Should the Seahawks elect to pursue DeJean as a part of their roster, his addition could bring a new wave of talent and strategic value to the team, further solidifying the Seahawks' commitment to remaining competitive and innovative in the ever-evolving landscape of the NFL.

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