Fortnite 30.01 Update: Server Downtime, Patch Notes, and Bug Fixes

Server Downtime

On May 31st, 2023, Fortnite will undergo scheduled server downtime to implement the 30.01 update. The downtime is expected to begin at 4 AM ET and last approximately two hours.

Patch Notes

New Features

  • Deployable Cover: Players can now deploy cover to provide protection from enemy fire. Covers can be placed on the ground or attached to walls.
  • Supply Drones: Supply drones will now drop a variety of loot, including weapons, ammo, and consumables.
  • Bugha's Bouncers: A new type of bouncer, based on popular streamer Bugha, has been added. These bouncers provide a higher jump than standard bouncers.

Gameplay Changes

  • Adjusted Aim Assist: Aim assist has been adjusted to improve accuracy and reduce reliance on it.
  • Reduced Storm Surge: The damage dealt by the storm surge has been reduced to make it less punishing for players who are caught outside of the safe zone.
  • Increased Crafting Rates: The crafting rates for weapons and items have been increased to make it easier for players to obtain the necessary resources.

Weapon and Item Changes

  • Unvaulted: Suppressed Pistol: The suppressed pistol has been brought back to the loot pool.
  • Vaulted: Drum Shotgun: The drum shotgun has been removed from the loot pool.
  • Adjusted Assault Rifle Damage: The damage of the assault rifle has been slightly reduced at long range.
  • New Epic and Legendary Revolver: Two new variants of the revolver, epic and legendary, have been added.

Map Changes

  • New Location: Big Bush: A new location called Big Bush has been added to the map, featuring a giant bush and a secret passage.
  • Updated Synapse Station: The Synapse Station has been redesigned to include a new interior and additional areas to explore.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Vehicle Spawns: Vehicles will now spawn more consistently around the map.
  • Fixed: Choppy Lobby Experience: The lobby experience has been optimized to reduce lag and improve performance.
  • Fixed: Controller Settings: Controller settings have been updated to improve accuracy and responsiveness.
  • Fixed: Party Members Disappearing: The issue where party members would disappear from the party list has been resolved.
  • Fixed: Notable Bug Fixes: Numerous other bugs and issues have been addressed, including performance optimizations, stability improvements, and gameplay tweaks.

Known Issues

  • Delayed Mantle Animation: The mantle animation may be delayed when grabbing ledges.
  • Supply Drones Not Spawning: In some cases, supply drones may not spawn as intended.
  • Stuttering When Opening Map: The map may occasionally stutter when it is opened.

Additional Information

  • The 30.01 update will be approximately 10 GB in size.
  • Players are advised to restart their game client after the update is installed to ensure that all changes are implemented properly.

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