Google Calendar's Upcoming Feature: Seamless Birthday Management

Google Calendar has unveiled a significant improvement that streamlines birthday management, enhancing the user experience with its intuitive event chip feature. This feature, discovered through an APK teardown, offers a convenient way to organize and manage birthdays, ensuring you never miss an important celebration.

Event Chips: A User-Friendly Interface

The event chip is a small, colored tab that appears next to birthday events in Google Calendar. These chips provide a quick and easy way to identify birthdays, making it effortless to spot them amidst other appointments and tasks. The chip displays the birthday person's name, eliminating the need to manually check each event's details.

Effortless Birthday Management

The event chip is more than just a visual cue; it offers practical functionality. By clicking on the chip, users can access a menu of options that make birthday management a breeze. These options include:

  • Send a message: Send a quick birthday wish via SMS, email, or social media.
  • Set a reminder: Create a reminder for yourself to follow up with a special gift or activity on the day of the birthday.
  • View details: Access the event's details, such as the person's age, contact information, and any additional notes you may have.

Enhanced Privacy and Control

While the event chip provides convenient access to birthday information, Google has prioritized user privacy. The chip only appears for birthdays of contacts that have explicitly shared their birthdays with you. This ensures that your own privacy is respected, and you only see birthday information from those who wish to share it.

Seamless Integration with Google Contacts

The event chip seamlessly integrates with Google Contacts, offering a comprehensive view of all your contacts' birthdays. This integration ensures that you never miss a birthday, even if the person is not actively scheduled in your calendar.

Availability and Deployment

The event chip feature is currently in development and is expected to be released in an upcoming update to the Google Calendar app. It is likely to be available for both Android and iOS users, providing a consistent experience across devices.


Google Calendar's upcoming event chip represents a significant improvement to the app's birthday management capabilities. With its user-friendly design, practical functionality, and enhanced privacy features, the event chip makes it easier than ever to stay on top of your social calendar and celebrate the birthdays of your loved ones.

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