Google Messages Distorted GIFs Issue Impacts Android and iPhone Users


Google Messages, the popular messaging app, has recently encountered a widespread issue affecting both Android and iPhone users. The problem manifests as distorted or pixelated GIFs, rendering them visually unappealing and potentially confusing for users.

Problem Description

When users send or receive GIFs through Google Messages, they may appear distorted or broken. The GIFs often exhibit pixelation, disrupted animations, and distorted colors. This issue affects GIFs sent or received across both Android and iPhone platforms, regardless of the device or operating system version.

Impact and User Experience

The distorted GIFs have a significant impact on the user experience. GIFs are a popular and expressive form of communication, and their distortion can hinder communication and reduce the enjoyability of conversations. Users are unable to fully appreciate the intended message or emotions conveyed by the GIFs.

Affected Platforms and Devices

The Google Messages GIF distortion issue affects both Android smartphones and iPhones. It has been reported across various Android devices, including Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, and OnePlus smartphones. On iPhones, the issue is present in Google Messages running on iOS.

Possible Causes

The exact cause of the distorted GIFs is still under investigation by Google. However, some potential factors that may contribute to the problem include:

  • Incompatibility between the GIF compression formats used by Google Messages and other messaging platforms
  • Network connectivity issues that disrupt GIF downloads
  • Software bugs in the Google Messages app

Temporary Workarounds

While Google works on a permanent solution, users can implement some temporary workarounds to mitigate the issue:

  • Clear the Google Messages app cache and data.
  • Update the Google Messages app to the latest version.
  • Try using a different messaging app that supports GIFs.
  • Download the GIF from a reliable source and send it directly as a file.

Google's Response

Google has acknowledged the issue and is actively working on a resolution. The company has stated that it is aware of the problem and is investigating the cause. Google is expected to release a software update soon to address the distorted GIFs issue.


The Google Messages GIF distortion issue was first reported around May 27, 2024. Google has yet to provide a precise timeline for the release of a fix. However, users are advised to keep their Google Messages app updated to the latest version for the best possible experience.


The distorted GIFs issue in Google Messages is a widespread problem affecting both Android and iPhone users. It impairs the user experience and hinders effective communication. Google is investigating the cause and is expected to release a fix soon. In the meantime, users can implement temporary workarounds to mitigate the issue.

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