How the closure of Two Major Hotels may Impact Syracuse's Ability to Host NCAA Tournament Games

Syracuse, New York, is no stranger to hosting NCAA Tournament games. The city has a rich history of hosting various NCAA events, and its state-of-the-art facilities and vibrant community make it an ideal location for such events. However, the recent closure of two major hotels in the area has raised concerns about the city's ability to continue hosting these prestigious tournaments in the future.

The loss of these two hotels, which have been long-standing fixtures in the Syracuse hospitality scene, not only impacts the local economy but also raises questions about the city's capacity to accommodate the influx of visitors that accompanies major sporting events like the NCAA Tournament. In this article, we will explore the significance of these hotel closures and the potential consequences for Syracuse's ability to host NCAA Tournament games.

The Importance of Hotels in Hosting NCAA Tournament Games

When it comes to hosting NCAA Tournament games, having a sufficient number of hotel rooms and accommodations is crucial. The NCAA has strict requirements for the number of hotel rooms and the quality of accommodations available in the host city. These requirements ensure that the teams, officials, and visiting fans have a comfortable and enjoyable experience during their stay.

Hotels also play a significant role in generating revenue for the local economy. During major events like the NCAA Tournament, hotels see a significant increase in bookings, which in turn leads to higher revenues for local businesses, including restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues. The closure of two major hotels in Syracuse threatens to disrupt this economic ecosystem and could have far-reaching implications for the city's ability to host future NCAA events.

The Impact of Hotel Closures on Syracuse

The closure of the Hotel Syracuse and the Crowne Plaza Syracuse has sent shockwaves through the Syracuse hospitality industry. These two hotels have been instrumental in accommodating visitors to the city for decades, and their absence will undoubtedly be felt during major events like the NCAA Tournament.

The Hotel Syracuse, a historic landmark in the city, has been a preferred choice for many visitors due to its central location and luxurious amenities. Its closure not only affects the city's overall hotel room capacity but also diminishes the allure of Syracuse as a premier destination for NCAA events. Similarly, the Crowne Plaza Syracuse, known for its modern facilities and proximity to key attractions, has been a popular choice for tournament attendees and officials.

The closure of these two hotels will create a void in Syracuse's hospitality infrastructure, making it more challenging for the city to meet the NCAA's stringent requirements for hosting future tournament games. Without sufficient hotel accommodations, Syracuse's ability to attract and retain NCAA events may be compromised, ultimately impacting the city's reputation as a top-tier host for major sporting events.

Challenges in Finding Alternative Accommodations

In the wake of the hotel closures, the city of Syracuse faces the daunting task of finding alternative accommodations to make up for the lost capacity. While there are several hotels and motels in the area, the sudden reduction in available rooms poses a significant challenge for event organizers and city officials.

Finding suitable alternatives that meet the NCAA's standards for accommodations and amenities is no easy feat. It may require the city to work closely with local hotels to expand their capacities, or to explore options for temporary housing solutions during major events. Regardless of the approach, the process of identifying and securing alternative accommodations will undoubtedly require strategic planning and collaboration between various stakeholders.

Furthermore, the closure of these two major hotels may also impact the city's ability to negotiate with the NCAA for future tournament hosting opportunities. The availability and quality of accommodations are key factors that the NCAA considers when selecting host cities, and the loss of these two prominent hotels may weaken Syracuse's position in securing future hosting rights.

The Long-Term Implications for Syracuse

Beyond the immediate challenges of finding alternative accommodations, the closure of the Hotel Syracuse and the Crowne Plaza Syracuse may have long-term implications for Syracuse's reputation as a host city for NCAA events. The absence of these iconic establishments sends a signal to event organizers and potential visitors that Syracuse may not have the capacity or infrastructure to support large-scale events.

The city's ability to attract major tournaments and sporting events hinges on its ability to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for participants and attendees. Without sufficient accommodations, Syracuse risks losing its competitive edge as a desirable destination for NCAA events, potentially leading to missed opportunities for economic growth and community engagement.

Additionally, the closure of these hotels may also affect the local workforce, as employees in the hospitality industry face uncertain employment prospects. As iconic institutions in the city, the closure of the Hotel Syracuse and the Crowne Plaza Syracuse may have a ripple effect on the livelihoods of those who relied on these establishments for employment.

The Path Forward for Syracuse

In light of these challenges, the city of Syracuse must take proactive measures to address the impact of the hotel closures and ensure its ability to continue hosting NCAA Tournament games in the future. Collaboration between city officials, event organizers, and the local hospitality industry will be essential in navigating this complex situation.

One potential solution is to encourage investment in new hotel developments to offset the loss of capacity from the closed establishments. By incentivizing hotel construction and expansion, Syracuse can bolster its hotel room inventory and demonstrate its commitment to meeting the needs of future NCAA events.

Another approach is to diversify accommodations by exploring alternative options such as short-term rentals, bed and breakfasts, and other non-traditional lodging arrangements. While these alternatives may not entirely replace the capacity of the closed hotels, they can provide supplementary options during peak event periods.

Furthermore, the city can seek to renovate and revitalize existing hotels to enhance their appeal and capacity. By modernizing and upgrading local accommodations, Syracuse can improve its competitiveness as a host city for NCAA events and other major tournaments.


The closure of the Hotel Syracuse and the Crowne Plaza Syracuse represents a significant setback for Syracuse's ability to host NCAA Tournament games and other major events. The impact of these closures extends beyond the hospitality industry, affecting the city's economy, reputation, and potential for future growth.

As Syracuse works to address the challenges brought about by the loss of these two major hotels, it must prioritize strategies that strengthen its hospitality infrastructure and demonstrate its commitment to providing exceptional experiences for NCAA event attendees. By finding creative solutions, fostering collaboration, and investing in the revitalization of its accommodations, Syracuse can mitigate the impact of the hotel closures and ensure that it remains a top-tier destination for hosting NCAA Tournament games and other prestigious events.

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