My Experience Using the iPad Pro 2024 as a Laptop Replacement for a Week

As technology continues to evolve, the lines between traditional laptops and tablets are blurring. With the introduction of the iPad Pro in 2010, Apple aimed to bridge the gap between the two devices, offering a versatile solution for both productivity and entertainment. Over the years, the iPad Pro has undergone several iterations, each promising improved performance and functionality. In 2024, I decided to put the latest iPad Pro to the test as a potential laptop replacement for my daily tasks.

Setting the Stage

As a tech enthusiast and a freelance writer, my work heavily relies on a reliable device that can handle multitasking, content creation, and seamless communication. While I have been a long-time user of traditional laptops, the idea of using an iPad as my primary work device intrigued me. With the advancements made to the iPad Pro, I was optimistic about its capabilities as a laptop replacement.

Armed with the latest iPad Pro model and the accompanying Magic Keyboard, I embarked on a week-long experiment to see if the iPad Pro could truly stand in for my trusty laptop.

Day 1: Getting Acquainted

My first impression of the iPad Pro 2024 was a mix of excitement and skepticism. The device boasted a stunning display, a powerful M-series chip, and a sleek design that exuded elegance. Pairing it with the Magic Keyboard transformed it into a pseudo-laptop, complete with a trackpad and backlit keys. I was eager to dive in and start using it for my work.

I started by setting up the iPad Pro and transferring my essential apps and files. The process was relatively seamless, thanks to Apple's ecosystem, which allowed for easy synchronization with my existing devices. As I began using the iPad Pro for writing, web browsing, and emailing, I quickly realized that the transition wasn't as smooth as I had hoped.

The limitations of iOS became apparent as I struggled to perform certain tasks that I would usually breeze through on a traditional laptop. Multitasking was cumbersome, file management felt restrictive, and the absence of a traditional desktop environment hindered my workflow. Despite the impressive hardware, I found myself missing the familiarity and flexibility of a full-fledged laptop operating system.

Day 2-3: Adapting and Adjusting

Determined to give the iPad Pro a fair chance, I delved into the settings and explored various productivity apps that might alleviate some of my initial frustrations. Features like Split View and Slide Over helped me streamline my multitasking, allowing me to work on multiple apps simultaneously. I also discovered third-party apps that offered file management solutions, bridging the gap left by the absence of a traditional file system.

As I adapted to the iPad's interface and navigated through the available workarounds, I noticed a shift in my mindset. While I still longed for the seamless workflow of a laptop, I began appreciating the portability and versatility that the iPad Pro offered. Its lightweight design and impressive battery life made it an ideal companion for working on the go, and the integration of Apple Pencil enhanced the experience of annotating documents and sketches.

Day 4-5: Hitting Roadblocks

Just when I started to become more comfortable with the iPad Pro, I encountered a few roadblocks that tested my patience. Certain web applications and software tools that I heavily relied on for my work were either unavailable or offered limited functionality on iOS. This forced me to resort to cumbersome workarounds or compromises that impacted my efficiency and output.

Additionally, the limitations of the Magic Keyboard, while impressively designed, became evident during extended typing sessions. The lack of a dedicated function row and the cramped trackpad left me yearning for the comfort and precision of a traditional laptop keyboard and touchpad.

Day 6-7: Final Verdict

As my week-long experiment drew to a close, I took stock of my experience using the iPad Pro as a laptop replacement. While the device excelled in certain areas, such as media consumption and creative tasks, it fell short in meeting the demands of my professional work.

The iPad Pro's hardware prowess and the versatility of its app ecosystem were undeniable, but the inherent limitations of iOS and the form factor posed significant hindrances to my productivity. While I could envision the iPad Pro being suitable for certain workflows or as a secondary device, it failed to replace the functionality and efficiency of a dedicated laptop in my daily work routine.


In conclusion, my attempt to use the iPad Pro 2024 as a laptop replacement for a week reaffirmed the distinct roles of these two devices in my professional life. While the iPad Pro showcased its strengths as a portable, media-centric powerhouse, it struggled to fulfill the role of a primary work device for my specific needs.

As technology continues to evolve, I remain open to the prospect of a future where tablets and laptops converge into a seamless, unified solution. However, for now, the traditional laptop remains the indispensable tool that fuels my productivity and creativity, while the iPad Pro remains a compelling companion for leisure and certain creative endeavors.

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