Netflix HDR Toggle Discovered in Latest Android App Update

Netflix users on Android devices may soon have the ability to manually toggle HDR (High Dynamic Range) playback. This feature was discovered in a recent teardown of the latest Netflix app update (version 8.55.0 build 28 48281) by XDA Developers.

What is HDR?

HDR is a display technology that expands the range of colors and brightness levels that can be displayed on a screen. This results in a more realistic and immersive viewing experience, with deeper blacks, brighter whites, and more vibrant colors.

Why is HDR Toggling Important?

Currently, HDR playback on Netflix is automatic and dependent on the device's capabilities and the content being streamed. This can sometimes lead to HDR being enabled even when the device's display doesn't fully support it, resulting in a washed-out or oversaturated image.

How to Access the HDR Toggle

According to the teardown, the HDR toggle is hidden within the Netflix app's settings. To access it, users may need to follow these steps:

  1. Open the Netflix app on your Android device.
  2. Tap on your profile icon in the top-right corner.
  3. Select "App Settings."
  4. Navigate to the "Display" section.
  5. Look for the "HDR" option and enable or disable it as desired.


The HDR toggle is currently not officially available to Netflix users. It's possible that Netflix is testing this feature in a limited capacity before rolling it out to a wider audience.

Benefits of the HDR Toggle

The HDR toggle would provide users with greater control over their HDR playback experience. It could be used to:

  • Ensure optimal HDR performance on devices that fully support HDR.
  • Prevent HDR from being enabled on devices with limited HDR capabilities.
  • Customize HDR settings to suit personal preferences.

Impact on Netflix

The addition of an HDR toggle could have a positive impact on Netflix. It would show that Netflix is responsive to user feedback and willing to provide more customization options. Additionally, it could enhance the viewing experience for users on Android devices, potentially increasing satisfaction and subscription retention rates.


The discovery of an HDR toggle in the latest Netflix app update for Android is an exciting development. It suggests that Netflix may be looking to give users more control over their HDR playback experience. While the toggle is not yet officially available, it's possible that it will be rolled out in a future update. If so, it could be a valuable addition for users looking to optimize their HDR viewing experience on Android devices.

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