Private Space: The Long-Awaited Android 15 Feature

Android 15 has unveiled a groundbreaking feature dubbed "Private Space," offering users an unparalleled level of privacy and security on their smartphones. This feature has been in the works for years, and its arrival marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Android's privacy capabilities.

What is Private Space?

Private Space is a secure and isolated environment within Android that allows users to store and use personal data, apps, and accounts separately from their primary profile. This separation creates a distinct boundary between public and private data, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected.

How Does Private Space Work?

To access Private Space, users will create a unique password or PIN that is different from their device unlock code. Once entered, they will be transported to a dedicated interface that resembles a separate phone or tablet.

Within Private Space, users can install apps, store files, and create new accounts without affecting their main profile. This allows them to maintain a separate digital life for personal activities, sensitive communication, and financial transactions.

Benefits of Private Space

Private Space offers numerous advantages for users seeking enhanced privacy and security:

  • Isolation of Sensitive Data: Private Space keeps personal and professional data completely separate, preventing accidental leaks or unauthorized access.
  • Enhanced Security: The password or PIN requirement adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring that only authorized users can access sensitive information.
  • Digital Detox: Private Space allows users to create a separate space for personal activities, promoting a healthy balance between work and life.
  • Privacy for Guest Users: When sharing a device with guests, Private Space provides a secure environment for them to access apps and data without compromising the user's privacy.
  • Increased Control: Users have complete control over which apps and data they want to keep private, empowering them to customize their privacy settings as desired.

How to Use Private Space

Using Private Space is straightforward:

  1. Enable Private Space: Go to Settings > Privacy > Private Space and follow the prompts to set up a password or PIN.
  2. Enter Private Space: Enter the password or PIN when prompted to access Private Space.
  3. Install Apps and Store Data: Install desired apps from the Play Store or file explorer and store personal files within the Private Space environment.
  4. Exit Private Space: Tap the Exit button or use the device's lock button to return to the main profile.

Availability and Compatibility

Private Space will be available as part of the Android 15 update, expected to roll out in the fall of 2023. It will be compatible with most Android smartphones and tablets running Android 15 or later.


Private Space is a transformative feature that empowers Android users to reclaim their privacy and security. By providing a dedicated, isolated environment for personal and sensitive data, Private Space offers peace of mind and enhanced control over digital activities. As Android 15 approaches, users can eagerly anticipate this groundbreaking feature that has been years in the making.

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