Sony FX6 Firmware Version 5.00: A Comprehensive Guide to Enhancements and New Features

Sony has unveiled the latest firmware update for its esteemed FX6 cinema camera, elevating its capabilities to new heights with a trove of significant enhancements and groundbreaking features. Firmware version 5.00 unlocks an array of innovative functionalities, bolstering the FX6's versatility and empowering filmmakers with unparalleled creative freedom.

1. Expanded Dynamic Range and Color Rendition through Cine EI and Cine EI Quick

Sony's unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional image quality is evident in the introduction of Cine EI and Cine EI Quick. Cine EI allows users to select a specific ISO value while maintaining the camera's dynamic range at 14+ stops. This enables filmmakers to capture scenes with both brilliant highlights and deep shadows without sacrificing image detail.

Furthermore, Cine EI Quick provides a streamlined method to adjust the ISO value with a single button press, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple menus. This feature empowers cinematographers to adapt swiftly to changing lighting conditions, ensuring optimal exposure and preservation of dynamic range.

2. S-Cinetone Color Science: Natively Captivating Visuals

The FX6's renowned S-Cinetone color science has been further refined with version 5.00, offering users a cinematic look straight out of the camera. This advanced color grading profile reproduces natural skin tones, vibrant colors, and rich blacks, providing a solid foundation for post-production.

With S-Cinetone, filmmakers can achieve a captivating and immersive visual experience that evokes emotions and immerses audiences in the story. The color science seamlessly transitions from S-Log3, allowing for seamless integration of footage captured in both profiles.

3. Apple ProRes 422 and Apple ProRes 422 HQ Internal Recording

The FX6 now supports native internal recording of Apple ProRes 422 and Apple ProRes 422 HQ codecs, offering unparalleled flexibility and quality for filmmakers. These industry-standard codecs ensure compatibility with a wide range of editing software and workflows, simplifying post-production and maximizing creative possibilities.

The ability to record ProRes internally eliminates the need for external recorders, streamlining the production process and reducing equipment costs. This feature empowers filmmakers to capture pristine, ready-to-edit footage directly to the camera's memory cards.

4. Off-Speed Recording for Captivating Time-Lapses and Slow-Motion Sequences

Firmware version 5.00 introduces off-speed recording, enabling filmmakers to capture time-lapse sequences and slow-motion footage with exceptional precision and creativity. Users can select from a range of frame rates, including 1 fps, 2 fps, 4 fps, 8 fps, 15 fps, 30 fps, and 60 fps, allowing them to control the pace and duration of their shots.

This feature unlocks limitless possibilities for storytelling, allowing filmmakers to compress time or slow down moments to evoke specific emotions and create captivating visual experiences.

5. HFR 120p Recording in Full-HD Resolution

For filmmakers seeking ultra-smooth slow-motion sequences, the FX6 now supports HFR (High Frame Rate) recording at 120p in full HD resolution (1920 x 1080). This feature allows users to capture fast-paced action or create cinematic slow-motion effects with stunning clarity and detail.

With HFR 120p, filmmakers can explore new avenues of storytelling and express themselves through visually captivating slow-motion sequences that engage and mesmerize audiences.

6. 16-Bit RAW Output via SDI for Unparalleled Flexibility

The FX6 firmware update now supports the output of 16-bit RAW footage via the camera's SDI interface. This feature provides filmmakers with the ultimate flexibility and control over their footage, allowing them to capture the full dynamic range and color gamut of the original scene.

By connecting the FX6 to an external recorder via SDI, users can record pristine RAW footage that offers maximum flexibility for post-production grading and editing.

7. Enhanced Network Features: Remote Operation and Live Streaming

Version 5.00 enhances the FX6's network capabilities, enabling users to remotely control the camera and live stream footage using a smartphone or tablet. This feature empowers filmmakers to operate the camera from a distance, providing greater flexibility and convenience during shoots.

Live streaming capabilities allow users to share their footage in real-time, enabling remote collaboration with directors, clients, or audiences around the world.

8. Enhanced Focus Assist Functions: Precision Focusing Made Easy

The FX6 firmware update introduces a range of enhanced focus assist functions, including Focus Enhancer and Focus Peaking Level Adjustment, providing filmmakers with greater precision and control over their focusing.

Focus Enhancer highlights in-focus areas with a colored outline, making it easier to achieve accurate focusing, especially in low-light conditions or when working with shallow depth of field. Focus Peaking Level Adjustment allows users to customize the sensitivity of the focus peaking display, ensuring optimal sharpness for different types of shots.

9. Improved Anamorphic Desqueeze Display: Seamless Monitoring

For filmmakers who utilize anamorphic lenses, the FX6 now features an improved anamorphic desqueeze display, providing a more accurate and immersive monitoring experience. This feature allows users to view desqueezed anamorphic footage on the camera's LCD screen, eliminating the need for external monitors or viewfinders.

The enhanced desqueeze display ensures that filmmakers can accurately frame and compose their shots, reducing the risk of cropping or distortion in post-production.

10. Additional Enhancements and Refinements

Beyond the major features highlighted above, firmware version 5.00 incorporates numerous additional enhancements and refinements, further elevating the FX6's capabilities and user experience:

  • Selectable Shutter Angle: Provides filmmakers with greater control over motion blur and depth of field, allowing for more creative storytelling.
  • Video Clip Folder Creation: Enables users to organize their recorded video clips into folders for easier management and retrieval.
  • mejorado Audio Level Display: Displays audio levels more clearly, facilitating precise audio monitoring and adjustments.

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