Apple's iPhone Evolution: Embracing Android-Inspired Features in 2024

Apple's iPhone, heralded as a revolutionary mobile device since its inception, is poised to undergo a significant transformation in 2024. Embracing the evolving landscape of the smartphone industry, Apple is reportedly planning to incorporate features inspired by its Android counterparts. This strategic shift marks a departure from Apple's longstanding approach of maintaining a distinct and proprietary ecosystem.

Seamless Interoperability: Universal Sideloading

One of the most notable changes coming to the iPhone is the introduction of universal sideloading. This feature will allow users to install apps from sources other than the tightly controlled App Store. Android users have long enjoyed this freedom of choice, enabling them to access a wider range of apps and services. By embracing sideloading, Apple is acknowledging the growing demand for customization and flexibility among its customers.

Enhanced Customization: Default App Choice

Apple's unwavering stance on the absence of default app options is also set to change. In 2024, iPhone users will have the ability to set their preferred apps for tasks such as browsing the web, sending emails, and managing music. This customization empowers users to tailor their iOS experience to their individual preferences, a functionality that has been a staple in the Android ecosystem for years.

Expandable Storage: Optional Removable Drives

While Apple has traditionally championed the sleek, unibody design of its iPhones, rumors suggest that it may introduce removable storage options in the future. This feature would address the growing demand for expandable storage capacity, providing users with the flexibility to add or replace storage drives as needed. Android devices have offered this capability for some time, allowing users to store large files and media without compromising device performance.

Widgets Anywhere: Extended Functionality

Apple is reportedly planning to expand the functionality of widgets beyond the dedicated widget pane. In 2024, users may have the ability to place widgets anywhere on their home screens, providing instant access to information and shortcuts from their favorite apps. This enhanced widget experience mirrors the flexibility and convenience offered by Android's home screen customization options.

Always-On Display: Enhanced Glanceability

The iPhone's screen has always been a central feature, but its capabilities are set to expand in 2024. Apple is rumored to be developing an always-on display, allowing users to view essential information such as the time, notifications, and battery level without having to wake the device. This feature has been a popular staple in Android devices for years, enhancing convenience and reducing the need to constantly interact with the phone.

Implications and Benefits

Apple's decision to adopt these Android-inspired features marks a significant shift in its strategy. By embracing greater flexibility, customization, and interoperability, the company is responding to the evolving demands of its customers and the broader mobile device market. These changes could have several positive implications:

  • Enhanced user experience: The ability to customize the iPhone's software and hardware will provide users with a more tailored and personalized experience.
  • Increased app availability: Universal sideloading will open up the iOS ecosystem to a wider range of apps, giving users access to more choices.
  • Improved value proposition: The addition of features such as expandable storage and an always-on display will make the iPhone more competitive with Android devices, offering comparable functionality and value.


Apple's iPhone has been a dominant force in the smartphone industry, but its 2024 refresh is poised to shake things up. By incorporating Android-inspired features such as universal sideloading, default app choice, expandable storage, extended widget functionality, and an always-on display, Apple is acknowledging the evolving needs of its customers and addressing the competitive landscape. These changes promise to enhance the iPhone's flexibility, customization, and overall user experience, making it a more compelling choice for consumers in the years to come.

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