Christian Nationalism Takes Center Stage at True Texas Project Conference

On June 12, 2024, the True Texas Project (TTP), a conservative organization, held its annual conference in San Antonio, bringing together individuals who espouse Christian nationalist beliefs. The conference was a gathering of like-minded individuals who believe that America is a Christian nation and that Christian principles should be the foundation of its laws and policies.

Conservative Political Figures Attend

The event drew a range of conservative political figures, including former President Donald Trump and several members of Congress. Trump, in his keynote address, reiterated his support for Christian nationalism, stating that "our nation is founded on the principles of faith and family." He called for a return to these values and a rejection of what he characterized as "woke ideology and liberal extremism."

Other prominent speakers included former Vice President Mike Pence, Senator Ted Cruz, and Representative Lauren Boebert. They echoed Trump's sentiments, emphasizing the importance of Christian principles in American society and their opposition to what they perceive as the erosion of traditional values.

Christian Nationalist Agenda

The conference agenda centered around the promotion of Christian nationalism, which advocates for the integration of Christian teachings and values into all aspects of society, including government, education, and the economy. Speakers called for the implementation of policies based on Biblical principles, such as prayer in schools, restrictions on abortion and same-sex marriage, and laws that prioritize Christian businesses and charities.

Separation of Church and State

Critics of Christian nationalism argue that it violates the constitutional principle of separation of church and state. They contend that promoting one religion over others infringes on the rights of religious minorities and undermines the secular foundations of American democracy.

Impact on American Politics

The True Texas Project conference is a significant event in the growing movement of Christian nationalism in American politics. It highlights the influence of this ideology within conservative circles and its potential impact on the political landscape. Christian nationalists are actively seeking to shape public policy and elect candidates who support their agenda.

Concerns about Extremism

While Christian nationalism is espoused by many conservative Christians, concerns have been raised about its association with extremist groups and ideologies. Some white supremacist and militia groups have adopted Christian nationalist rhetoric to justify their hateful and violent actions. This has led to fears that Christian nationalism could become a breeding ground for extremism and violence.

Moderate Christian Voices

It is important to note that not all Christians endorse the tenets of Christian nationalism. Many moderate Christians reject the idea that America is a Christian nation and advocate for a pluralistic society that respects the rights of all citizens, regardless of their religious beliefs. These voices argue that true Christianity is about love, compassion, and justice for all, not about imposing a particular set of religious beliefs on others.


The True Texas Project conference provided a platform for Christian nationalists to gather, promote their agenda, and seek political influence. The event highlights the growing prominence of this ideology within American conservatism and its potential impact on the future of American politics. While some may embrace Christian nationalism as a way to restore traditional values, others raise concerns about its compatibility with democratic principles, the separation of church and state, and the threat of extremism. As the movement continues to evolve, it remains to be seen how it will shape the American political landscape and the broader fabric of American society.

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