Detroit Church Hosts Donald Trump for Roundtable, Sparking Controversy


On June 15, 2024, the Great Faith Ministries International Church in Detroit, Michigan, hosted a roundtable event featuring former President Donald Trump. The event, which drew criticism from within and outside the community, ignited a debate over the church's decision to host a controversial political figure.


Great Faith Ministries International Church is a large megachurch with a predominantly African American congregation. The church's pastor, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, is a prominent religious leader in the Detroit area. Jackson has expressed support for Trump in the past, and the church has hosted Republican political events in the past.

Roundtable Event:

The roundtable event was attended by Trump, Bishop Jackson, and a small group of invited guests. The discussion focused on economic development, crime, and education in Detroit. Trump presented his views on these issues, and he also fielded questions from the attendees.


The decision to host Trump at the church drew criticism from some members of the congregation and the broader Detroit community. Critics argued that the church should not be used as a platform for partisan politics. They also expressed concerns that Trump's presence would divide the community and damage the church's reputation.

Church's Response:

Bishop Jackson defended the decision to host Trump, arguing that the former president had a right to express his views and that the church was not endorsing his political positions. Jackson also emphasized that the event was focused on addressing issues that were important to the community.

Political Spectrum:

The roundtable event highlighted the political divide within the Detroit community. Trump is a polarizing figure, and his appearance at the church drew strong reactions from both supporters and opponents. Some members of the congregation expressed support for Trump and his policies, while others voiced concerns about his rhetoric and his record in office.

Community Impact:

The roundtable event had a significant impact on the Detroit community. The event received widespread media coverage and sparked a public debate about the role of religion in politics. The event also raised questions about the relationship between the African American community and the Republican Party.

Other Perspectives:

While some members of the community criticized the church for hosting Trump, others defended the decision. Some supporters argued that Trump was a strong leader who had the best interests of the community in mind. Others said that the church had a right to host any speaker it wanted.


The roundtable event at Great Faith Ministries International Church highlighted the complex relationship between religion, politics, and community. The event sparked a debate about the role of the church in public life and raised questions about the future of the Detroit community.

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