Enhanced Control with Pinch Gestures: Samsung's Latest Innovation for Galaxy Buds 3

Samsung's Galaxy Buds 3 wireless earbuds have recently undergone an exciting software update that introduces highly anticipated pinch gesture controls. This innovative feature empowers users with intuitive and customizable control over their audio experience.

APK Teardown Reveals Gesture Details

An APK teardown by XDA Developers has shed light on the specific pinch gesture functionalities. Users can now effortlessly perform the following actions by pinching the earbuds:

  • Volume Adjustment: Pinch the left earbud upwards to increase volume and downwards to decrease it. This allows for precise volume adjustments without the need to access the phone or smart device.
  • Track Navigation: Pinch the right earbud forwards to skip to the next track and backwards to return to the previous one. This intuitive gesture enhances music and podcast navigation, eliminating the need to fumble with buttons.
  • Ambient Sound Control: Pinch both earbuds simultaneously to toggle Ambient Sound mode. This feature allows users to amplify or diminish surrounding noises, making it ideal for heightened awareness in public settings or for focusing on audio content in quieter environments.

Customizable Gesture Assignments

The pinch gesture controls are not limited to the predefined functions. Users have the option to customize the gestures to trigger other preferred actions. This level of personalization ensures that the earbuds adapt to each individual's preferences and usage scenarios.

Enhanced User Experience

The introduction of pinch gestures on the Galaxy Buds 3 elevates the overall user experience. These gestures provide a seamless and convenient way to control audio playback and adjust settings without interrupting the listening flow. The customizable nature of the gestures empowers users to tailor the earbuds to their specific needs, creating a truly personalized audio experience.

Compatibility and Availability

The pinch gesture update is currently available for Galaxy Buds 3 earbuds running firmware version R175XXU0AVC4. Users can check their firmware version through the Galaxy Wearable app and update the earbuds if necessary.

Additional Features and Benefits

In addition to the pinch gesture controls, the Galaxy Buds 3 offer a range of other features that enhance their versatility and functionality:

  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC): Effectively block out unwanted noises for immersive audio experiences in noisy environments.
  • Transparency Mode: Amplify surrounding sounds for heightened awareness and increased safety when needed.
  • Voice Detect: Automatically pause music and activate Ambient Sound when the user starts speaking.
  • Fast Charging: Qi wireless charging capability for quick and convenient power replenishment.


Samsung's latest software update for the Galaxy Buds 3 introduces highly anticipated pinch gesture controls that empower users with intuitive and customizable audio control. These gestures seamlessly complement the earbuds' existing features, creating a comprehensive and user-centric audio experience. With their versatility, comfort, and innovative controls, the Galaxy Buds 3 remain a formidable contender in the wireless earbuds market.

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