Fiserv Forum Under Fire for Hosting Event Featuring Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones

June 12, 2024

Fiserv Forum, Milwaukee's premier sports and entertainment venue, has come under scrutiny for its decision to host a tour featuring conservative pundit Tucker Carlson and controversial conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

Event Draws Protestors

The upcoming event, scheduled for June 24th, has ignited widespread protests from various activist groups and concerned citizens. The groups have voiced their objections to Carlson's and Jones's promotion of misinformation and inflammatory rhetoric, citing their potential to incite hatred and division.

Criticism of Jones

Alex Jones, a self-proclaimed "infowars" personality, has a long history of spreading baseless conspiracy theories. He has been repeatedly sued and fined for his actions, including promoting the false claim that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was a hoax.

Critics argue that Jones's presence at Fiserv Forum legitimizes his dangerous and harmful views, putting the community and vulnerable individuals at risk.

Carlson's Controversial Stance

Tucker Carlson, the host of Fox News's "Tucker Carlson Tonight," has also sparked controversy with his inflammatory comments. He has been accused of racism, xenophobia, and spreading misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Critics contend that Carlson's platform and influence allow him to amplify divisive and harmful messages, potentially eroding public trust and undermining social cohesion.

Venue's Response

Fiserv Forum management has defended its decision to host the event, stating that they respect freedom of speech and believe in providing a platform for diverse viewpoints. However, they have also emphasized that they do not endorse the views expressed by Carlson or Jones.

Call for Cancellation

In response to the growing backlash, several local organizations, including the Milwaukee Area Labor Council and the League of United Latin American Citizens, have called for the event to be canceled. They argue that it will create an unsafe and hostile atmosphere for the community.

Community Concerns

Residents and community leaders have also expressed concerns about the potential impact of the event on the city's reputation. They fear that hosting Carlson and Jones could damage Milwaukee's image as a welcoming and inclusive community.

Ongoing Protests and Pressure

Protests against the event are expected to continue in the lead-up to June 24th. Activists are urging Fiserv Forum to reconsider its stance and cancel the tour. They are also calling for increased security measures to ensure the safety and well-being of attendees and the surrounding neighborhoods.


The controversy surrounding Fiserv Forum's decision to host Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones has highlighted the ongoing tensions between freedom of speech and the potential for harmful discourse. The event has sparked widespread protests and raised concerns about the safety and reputation of the community.

As the June 24th date approaches, it remains to be seen whether Fiserv Forum will reconsider its stance or if the event will proceed as planned, amid ongoing protests and community pressure.

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