Google Keep Gets a Major Upgrade: Enhanced Window Resizing Capabilities

Google Keep, the popular note-taking and productivity app, has received a significant update that empowers users with greater flexibility and control over their note-taking experience. This latest enhancement introduces a highly requested feature: the ability to resize windows within the app.

Seamless Window Resizing

Previously, Google Keep windows were fixed in size, offering limited options for customizing the viewing area. However, with the latest update, users now have the freedom to effortlessly resize windows to suit their specific needs and preferences. This functionality provides a more immersive and tailored note-taking experience.

Enhanced Note Organization

The window resizing capability significantly improves note organization within the app. Users can now view multiple notes simultaneously by resizing windows to create a side-by-side or stacked layout. This enhanced organization allows for quick access to different notes, memudahkan perbandingan dan berbagi informasi.

Improved Workflow Efficiency

The ability to resize windows also boosts workflow efficiency. Users can simultaneously work on multiple notes while maintaining visibility of key information. This enables seamless task management, note referencing, and collaboration with others.

Optimized Space Utilization

The window resizing feature offers optimized space utilization within the Google Keep interface. Users can maximize the screen space by resizing windows to accommodate the size and content of each note. This eliminates unnecessary scrolling and ensures that the most important information is readily visible.

How to Resize Windows

Resizing windows within Google Keep is a simple and intuitive process. To resize a window:

  • Hover your cursor over the edge of the window.
  • A double-headed arrow will appear.
  • Click and drag the arrow to adjust the window size.

Additional Features

In addition to window resizing, the latest Google Keep update includes several other notable enhancements:

  • Improved search capabilities: Users can now search within their notes more efficiently using filters and categories.
  • Enhanced sharing options: Sharing notes with others is now more streamlined, with improved collaboration features.
  • New note templates: Google Keep now offers a variety of pre-designed note templates to help users quickly create and organize their notes.
  • Dark mode support: Users can now enable dark mode within the app for a more comfortable and eye-pleasing note-taking experience.


The latest update to Google Keep brings a slew of valuable enhancements, with window resizing standing out as a key feature. This update empowers users with greater flexibility, organization, and efficiency in their note-taking workflow. The new features further solidify Google Keep as a comprehensive and user-friendly productivity solution.

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