Google Maps to Phase Out Followed Places Feature


Google Maps has been a popular navigation and information service, providing users with comprehensive mapping data, turn-by-turn directions, and a range of features to enhance their journeys. One of these features has been "Followed Places," which allows users to track and receive updates on places they are interested in.

Upcoming Change:

According to an APK teardown analysis by Android Authority, Google is planning to deprecate the Followed Places feature in a future update. This means that the feature will no longer be available in the Google Maps app.

Reasons for Deprecation:

While Google has not officially announced the reasons for this change, there are several potential factors that may have influenced the decision:

  • Declining Usage: Usage data may have indicated that the Followed Places feature was not being widely utilized by users.
  • Focus on Other Features: Google may be prioritizing the development and improvement of other features that provide more value to users.
  • Simplification of Interface: Removing the Followed Places feature could simplify the Google Maps interface, making it easier to navigate and use.

Implications for Users:

Users who have been relying on the Followed Places feature will need to find alternative ways to track and receive updates on their favorite places. Some potential alternatives include:

  • Creating Custom Lists: Users can manually create lists of places within Google Maps. While this does not provide automated updates, it allows users to easily access and manage their preferred destinations.
  • Following Places on Social Media: Many businesses and organizations have social media profiles. By following these profiles, users can receive updates and information about their favorite places.
  • Third-Party Apps: There are various third-party apps available that offer place tracking and update features. Users can explore these apps to find suitable alternatives.

Additional Insights from APK Teardown:

The APK teardown also revealed some additional insights into Google's plans for Google Maps:

  • Improved Search Suggestions: Google is reportedly working on improving search suggestions within the app. This could include more personalized and relevant recommendations based on user history and preferences.
  • Expanded Business Listings: Business listings in Google Maps may become more comprehensive, potentially including additional information such as menus, reservations, and special offers.
  • Street View Updates: Google is continuing to enhance its Street View capabilities. Users may see improved image quality, more detailed coverage, and new features such as indoor navigation.


Google Maps is set to deprecate its Followed Places feature in a future update. While this may disappoint some users who have found the feature valuable, it also indicates that Google is focusing on improving other aspects of the app. Users should explore alternative methods to track and receive updates on their favorite places, such as creating custom lists or following places on social media. The APK teardown also suggests that Google has plans to enhance search suggestions, expand business listings, and improve Street View capabilities, providing users with a more comprehensive and personalized mapping experience.

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