Google Photos Unveils Enhanced "My Week" Feature

Google Photos has introduced a revamped "My Week" feature that offers a more comprehensive and immersive way to relive your past experiences. With this update, Google Photos now combines your weekly highlights with personalized insights, making it easier to remember and appreciate your memories.

Key Features:

  • Weekly Highlights: Each Monday, "My Week" presents a chronological summary of your most significant photos and videos from the previous week. These highlights are carefully curated to showcase the most memorable moments and themes.
  • Personalized Insights: Google Photos analyzes your photos and videos to extract meaningful insights. These insights may include mentions of specific people, places, or activities, helping you to recall and rediscover the context behind your memories.
  • Interactive Timeline: The "My Week" feature presents your weekly highlights on an interactive timeline. You can easily scroll through the timeline to revisit specific days or moments.
  • Enhanced Sharing: "My Week" allows you to easily share your weekly highlights with family and friends. You can share individual photos or videos, or create a shareable album that includes your entire weekly summary.
  • Integration with Other Google Apps: "My Week" can be accessed through the Google Photos app on your mobile device, as well as through the web interface at It also integrates with Google Assistant, allowing you to access your weekly highlights with voice commands.


  • Enhanced Memory Recall: "My Week" helps you to remember and recall your experiences more effectively. The chronological organization and personalized insights make it easy to revisit the past and appreciate the moments that matter most.
  • Personalized Experience: The "My Week" feature is tailored to your individual preferences and habits. It learns from your previous interactions with Google Photos to provide tailored highlights and insights that are meaningful to you.
  • Convenient Sharing: "My Week" makes it easy to share your memories with others. With just a few taps, you can create shareable albums or send individual photos and videos to your loved ones.
  • Integration with Google Ecosystem: "My Week" is seamlessly integrated into the Google ecosystem, making it easy to access your memories from multiple devices and platforms.

How to Use "My Week":

  1. Open the Google Photos app on your mobile device or visit in your web browser.
  2. Tap on the "My Week" tab.
  3. Scroll through your weekly highlights and tap on any photo or video to view it in full.
  4. Tap on the "Insights" tab to view personalized insights about your week.
  5. Use the interactive timeline to navigate through your weekly highlights.
  6. Tap on the share icon to share your highlights with others.


Google Photos' enhanced "My Week" feature is a significant upgrade that makes it easier to relive and appreciate your memories. With its chronological organization, personalized insights, and convenient sharing options, "My Week" provides a powerful tool for capturing and preserving the moments that matter most in your life.

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