Google Play Store Preparing to Remind Users of Recently Installed Apps


Google is currently developing a new feature for the Google Play Store that will remind users of recently installed apps. This feature is discovered through an APK teardown by Android Authority and is expected to be included in future updates of the Play Store.

Overview of the Feature

The new feature will prompt users with a notification when they have installed a new app. The notification will appear in the notification shade and will include the app's icon, name, and a brief description. It will also provide users with the option to open the app directly from the notification.

Rationale for the Feature

Google's rationale for introducing this feature is to remind users of apps they may have forgotten about or to encourage them to use apps they have recently installed. This can be particularly useful for apps that users may not use frequently or that offer regular updates and new content.

Expected Functionality

The reminder notification is expected to be customizable, allowing users to choose how often they want to receive reminders. Additionally, users may be able to disable the feature altogether if they find it unnecessary or intrusive.

Benefits of the Feature

The "Open app" reminder feature offers several potential benefits for users, including:

  • Increased app engagement: Reminding users of recently installed apps can encourage them to use those apps more frequently.
  • Improved user experience: By making it easier for users to find and open apps, the feature can enhance the overall user experience of the Google Play Store.
  • Reduced app abandonment: Reminding users of apps they have installed can help reduce app abandonment rates by keeping apps fresh in their minds.

Implementation Details

The reminder feature is being developed within the Google Play Store app. It utilizes a new "" broadcast receiver to trigger the notification when an app is installed. The receiver then retrieves information about the installed app and displays the notification accordingly.

Availability and Rollout

The "Open app" reminder feature is currently in development and is not yet available to users. It is expected to be rolled out in a future update of the Google Play Store, possibly alongside other new features and improvements.


The addition of an "Open app" reminder feature to the Google Play Store is a welcome move by Google. It has the potential to enhance the user experience, increase app engagement, and reduce app abandonment. As the feature is still under development, it remains to be seen how it will be implemented and received by users.

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