Google Restructures Android Leadership Team Under New SVP

June 14, 2024

Google has announced a significant shakeup within its Android leadership team, with the promotion of Dave Burke to Senior Vice President of Engineering for Android and Google Play. This move consolidates leadership over two key divisions under a single executive, signaling Google's commitment to further integrate its mobile operating system and app ecosystem.

Dave Burke's Expanded Role

Dave Burke, previously Vice President of Engineering for Android, now assumes responsibility for Google Play as well. This expanded role reflects Google's recognition of the growing convergence between the Android platform and the Play Store. Burke is tasked with overseeing the development and strategy of both divisions, fostering closer collaboration and optimizing the user experience.

Integration of Android and Play

The integration of Android and Play under a single leader is a strategic move that aims to enhance the user experience by providing a more seamless and cohesive ecosystem. This consolidation allows for better coordination between the two teams, facilitating the development of new features and improvements that benefit both Android users and developers.

Team Restructuring

Alongside the promotion of Dave Burke, Google has made several other changes to its Android leadership team. Hiroshi Lockheimer, previously Senior Vice President of Platforms and Ecosystems, will now exclusively oversee Google's other platform businesses, including Chrome OS, Google TV, and Wear OS.

Meanwhile, Patrick Brady, former Vice President of Engineering for Google Cloud, has joined the Android team as Vice President of Platform Engineering. Brady brings a wealth of experience in cloud infrastructure, which is expected to enhance Android's capabilities and scalability.

Commitment to Android Innovation

The restructuring of the Android leadership team underscores Google's ongoing commitment to Android innovation. The company has invested heavily in Android over the years, and this move is seen as a further demonstration of its belief in the platform's future.

Google's goal remains to provide users with a secure, versatile, and user-friendly operating system that meets the evolving needs of mobile technology. The consolidation of Android and Play under Dave Burke's leadership is a significant step towards achieving this objective.

Expected Impact

The reorganization of Google's Android leadership team is expected to have a positive impact on the platform and the broader Android ecosystem. The centralized leadership under Dave Burke should lead to improved coordination and decision-making, enabling Google to respond more effectively to user feedback and market demands.

Additionally, the integration of Android and Play should result in a more cohesive user experience, with seamless access to apps, services, and content. Developers will also benefit from a more streamlined development process, facilitating the creation and distribution of high-quality apps.


Google's latest leadership shakeup is a clear indication of the company's ongoing commitment to Android. The consolidation of Android and Play under Dave Burke's leadership is a strategic move that aims to enhance the user experience, foster innovation, and strengthen the Android ecosystem. The changes made to the leadership team position Google well to continue delivering cutting-edge mobile solutions for years to come.

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