Google's Find My Device App Prepares for UWB and AR Upgrades


Google is reportedly preparing significant upgrades to its Find My Device app, introducing new features such as ultra-wideband (UWB) support and augmented reality (AR) integration. These enhancements aim to improve the accuracy and convenience of locating lost devices.

Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Support

UWB technology, known for its precision and short-range connectivity, will enable Find My Device to pinpoint a device's location with greater accuracy. Currently, the app relies primarily on GPS and Wi-Fi signals, which can be unreliable or imprecise in certain environments. UWB's ability to penetrate obstacles and provide precise distance measurements will overcome these limitations.

Augmented Reality (AR) Integration

AR technology will be leveraged to provide users with an immersive experience when searching for lost devices. The AR-powered interface will display virtual cues and directions, guiding users directly to their missing gadgets. This visual assistance will significantly improve the ease and speed of device recovery.

Leaked APK Teardown

The upcoming upgrades were discovered through a teardown of a leaked APK file of the Find My Device app. The APK contained references to UWB hardware support and code related to AR functionality. This leak provides solid evidence that Google is actively working on these enhancements.

Improved Accuracy and Convenience

The combination of UWB and AR technologies will greatly enhance the accuracy and convenience of locating lost devices. UWB's precision will allow users to pinpoint the exact location of their devices, while AR's visual guidance will make the recovery process more intuitive and efficient. This will be particularly beneficial in complex indoor environments, where GPS signals can be weak or unreliable.

Applications and Benefits

The upgraded Find My Device app will have wide-ranging applications, including:

  • Stolen Device Recovery: UWB's increased accuracy will make it easier for law enforcement to locate and recover stolen devices, even if they are hidden indoors.
  • Emergency Situations: In emergency situations, the app's improved precision can help first responders quickly locate individuals with lost devices.
  • Personal Item Tracking: UWB-enabled tags or accessories can be attached to non-electronic items, allowing Find My Device to locate and track valuables such as luggage or keys.

Timeline and Availability

Google has not yet officially announced the rollout timeline for these upgrades. However, the APK teardown suggests that the features are currently in development and may be released in the near future. The updates will likely be available as part of a software update for the Find My Device app on compatible devices.

Supported Devices

The availability of the UWB and AR features will depend on the hardware capabilities of individual devices. UWB support requires devices with UWB radios, while AR functionality may necessitate devices with AR-capable cameras and sensors. Google is expected to provide detailed information on supported devices upon the official release of the upgrades.


Google's upcoming Find My Device upgrades promise to revolutionize the way we locate lost devices. The integration of UWB and AR technologies will significantly enhance the accuracy and convenience of the app. These features will have practical applications in various scenarios, from device recovery to emergency situations. Users should anticipate the official announcement and release of these upgrades in the near future.

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