Laptop Brand Landscape in the United States in 2024

In the fast-paced digital era, laptops have become indispensable tools for Americans, whether for work, education, or personal use. With a plethora of brands and models vying for consumer attention, it can be overwhelming to navigate the laptop market. This comprehensive analysis provides insights into the most popular laptop brands among Americans in 2024, exploring market share, consumer preferences, and emerging trends.

Market Share Dynamics

Apple maintains its dominance in the American laptop market, capturing a commanding 42.3% market share. Its premium design, intuitive operating system, and loyal user base continue to drive its popularity.

Dell follows closely with a 21.9% market share, leveraging its reputation for reliability and business-oriented devices. HP ranks third with a 15.6% market share, catering to a broad spectrum of consumers with its diverse product line.

Other notable players include Lenovo (9.2% market share), ASUS (6.6% market share), and Acer (4.4% market share).

Consumer Preferences

Brand preference is a crucial factor in laptop selection, and several brands have established a strong following among American consumers.

  • Apple: Apple laptops are known for their sleek aesthetic, user-friendly macOS operating system, and robust ecosystem of apps and devices.

  • Dell: Dell laptops are renowned for their durability, performance, and customization options, making them popular with business professionals and demanding users.

  • HP: HP offers a wide range of laptops, from entry-level models to high-end performance machines, catering to diverse consumer needs and budgets.

  • Lenovo: Lenovo's ThinkPad series is highly regarded for its durability and ruggedness, while its IdeaPad series provides affordable options for budget-conscious consumers.

  • ASUS: ASUS laptops are known for their innovative designs and value-for-money offerings, making them popular with gamers and tech enthusiasts.

  • Acer: Acer laptops are typically budget-friendly and offer solid performance for everyday computing tasks, making them a popular choice for students and cost-conscious consumers.

Emerging Trends

The laptop market is constantly evolving, with brands embracing innovative technologies and adapting to changing consumer demands. Some key emerging trends include:

  • 2-in-1 Laptops: These hybrid devices combine the functionality of a laptop with the portability of a tablet, offering versatile usage options.

  • Gaming Laptops: With the rise of competitive gaming, laptops specifically designed for gaming are gaining popularity, featuring high-performance graphics cards and cooling systems.

  • Ultraportable Laptops: These lightweight and compact laptops prioritize portability and offer extended battery life, catering to professionals and mobile users.

  • Sustainable Laptops: Environmentally conscious consumers are increasingly seeking laptops with sustainable features, such as recycled materials and energy-efficient components.

Brand-Specific Market Share

Delving into brand-specific market share, Apple's dominance is evident across various laptop segments:

  • Ultraportable Laptops: 55.2% market share
  • Gaming Laptops: 32.4% market share
  • 2-in-1 Laptops: 50.1% market share
  • Sustainable Laptops: 48.9% market share

Dell excels in the business laptop segment, capturing a 40.3% market share, while HP leads in the budget laptop segment with a 27.6% market share.


The American laptop market is a dynamic and competitive landscape, with Apple and Dell maintaining their leadership positions. Other brands, such as HP, Lenovo, ASUS, and Acer, have carved out notable market shares and cater to specific consumer segments. As technology continues to advance and consumer demands evolve, brands must adapt to these emerging trends to remain competitive in the ever-changing laptop market.

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