Microsoft's ARM Surface Laptops: Not Ideal for Gaming

Microsoft recently announced the release of their new Surface Laptop lineup, which features ARM-based processors. While these laptops boast impressive battery life and sleek designs, the company cautions against expecting stellar gaming performance.

The Reality of ARM-Based Gaming

ARM processors, traditionally found in mobile devices, are designed to prioritize energy efficiency over raw power. This design choice limits their capabilities in demanding tasks such as gaming, which require substantial computational resources.

Microsoft acknowledges this limitation, stating that their ARM Surface Laptops are not intended for hardcore gaming. Instead, they are tailored for tasks such as productivity, content creation, and casual entertainment.

Specific Performance Concerns

The article highlights specific areas where the ARM Surface Laptops may fall short in gaming:

  • Lower Frame Rates: Games may experience lower frame rates, resulting in choppier and less responsive gameplay.
  • Limited Game Compatibility: The laptops may not support all popular game titles, as developers may not have optimized them for ARM architecture.
  • Compromised Graphics Quality: Games may require lower graphics settings or resolutions to maintain playable frame rates, sacrificing visual fidelity.

Exceptions and Considerations

Despite the general caution, the article acknowledges that certain games may run adequately on the ARM Surface Laptops. These include:

  • Indie Games: Simpler games with less demanding graphics requirements may perform well.
  • Older Titles: Games released several years ago with lower hardware demands may be playable.
  • Cloud Gaming Services: Streaming games from remote servers, such as Xbox Cloud Gaming, can mitigate the limitations of the local hardware.

Target Audience and Alternative Options

Microsoft emphasizes that the ARM Surface Laptops are primarily targeted at users seeking productivity and portability. For those who prioritize gaming performance, the company recommends considering their Surface Laptop Studio or other gaming-oriented devices.

Specific ARM Laptop Models

The article focuses on the Surface Pro 9 with SQ3 and Surface Laptop 5 with SQ3, which are both equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon SQ3 processors. These are the first Microsoft-branded ARM laptops to feature Qualcomm's latest chip.


While the ARM Surface Laptops offer compelling advantages for productivity and battery life, their gaming capabilities are inherently limited by the nature of ARM processors. Users seeking immersive gaming experiences should consider alternative devices designed specifically for that purpose.

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