Omenie Discontinues iOS App Portfolio, Offers Limited-Time Free Mellotron Downloads


Omenie, a renowned developer of iOS music apps, has recently announced the discontinuation of its entire app portfolio. This includes a range of popular synthesizer and music-making applications. While this news may come as a disappointment to loyal users, Omenie has sweetened the departure with a limited-time offer of free Mellotron samples for download.

Discontinuation of iOS App Portfolio

Effective immediately, Omenie will no longer sell or support any of its iOS music apps. This includes popular titles such as Moog Model 15, Mellotron M4000D, and Emulator II. Existing users can continue to use the apps they have already purchased, but no further updates or technical support will be provided.

Reasons for the Discontinuation

Omenie cited several reasons for the discontinuation of its iOS app portfolio. Firstly, the company has decided to focus its efforts on developing new products and platforms. Secondly, the iOS app market has become increasingly competitive, with a multitude of similar apps available. Finally, Omenie has faced challenges in maintaining compatibility with the latest Apple devices and operating systems.

Free Mellotron Sample Downloads

To compensate loyal users for the discontinuation of its apps, Omenie is offering a limited-time free download of its Mellotron M4000D sample library. This extensive library features over 1,000 meticulously recorded samples of the iconic Mellotron keyboard instrument.

The Mellotron M4000D sample library can be downloaded from Omenie's website until June 30, 2024. The samples are compatible with any software sampler that supports the WAV format.

Impact on the iOS Music App Ecosystem

The discontinuation of Omenie's iOS app portfolio represents a significant loss for the mobile music production community. Omenie's apps have been widely praised for their authentic sound, intuitive interfaces, and innovative features.

However, the departure of Omenie also creates an opportunity for other developers to fill the void left by its absence. With the growing popularity of mobile music production, the iOS app market will likely see a surge in new and innovative music apps.

Alternative Options for Mobile Music Production

Users who are seeking alternative options to Omenie's iOS apps can explore a range of other popular software solutions. These include:

  • SynthMaster One: A powerful synthesizer app that offers a wide range of synthesis capabilities, from classic analogue sounds to futuristic digital textures.
  • GarageBand: Apple's own music production app that provides a comprehensive toolkit for recording, editing, and mixing music.
  • Korg Gadget 2: A modular music production environment that allows users to combine synthesizers, effects, and drum machines to create complex and innovative soundscapes.
  • BeatMaker 3: A beat-making app that features a comprehensive sample library, intuitive step sequencer, and powerful editing tools.


Omenie's decision to discontinue its iOS app portfolio marks the end of an era for mobile music production. While loyal users may be disappointed, the free Mellotron sample library offer provides a fitting tribute to the company's legacy. The closure of Omenie also opens up new opportunities for other developers to innovate and expand the capabilities of mobile music production apps. With a wealth of alternative software solutions available, users can continue to explore and create on their mobile devices.

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