Poland, Czechia, and Germany Seek EU Assistance for Ukrainian Refugee Expenses

Amidst the ongoing humanitarian crisis sparked by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, three EU member states have appealed to the European Union for financial support in managing the influx of Ukrainian refugees. According to a report by Bloomberg, Poland, Czechia, and Germany have urged the bloc to cover part of the expenses incurred by their respective countries in providing shelter, healthcare, and other essential services to those seeking refuge from the conflict.

Rising Refugee Numbers and Associated Costs

Since the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, Poland, Czechia, and Germany have witnessed a significant influx of Ukrainian refugees. As of the time of the Bloomberg report, Poland has taken in over 3 million refugees, Czechia has hosted approximately 450,000, and Germany has welcomed around 345,000.

The arrival of such large numbers of refugees has placed a substantial strain on the resources of these countries. Sheltering, feeding, and providing healthcare to refugees requires considerable expenditure, and the host governments are struggling to bear the financial burden alone.

EU's Responsibility and Solidarity

The three countries argue that the EU has a responsibility to support member states that are disproportionately affected by the refugee crisis. They contend that the influx of refugees is a shared European challenge that should not be borne exclusively by the countries on Ukraine's border.

The EU has a long-standing tradition of solidarity and burden-sharing when it comes to managing refugee flows. In the past, the bloc has provided financial assistance and other forms of support to member states dealing with significant refugee populations.

Request for Reimbursement and Long-Term Solutions

In their appeal to the EU, Poland, Czechia, and Germany are seeking reimbursement for expenses already incurred in hosting Ukrainian refugees. They are also requesting that the EU establish a mechanism for future funding to ensure that they can continue to provide essential services to those displaced by the conflict.

Beyond financial assistance, the three countries are also calling for longer-term solutions to the refugee crisis. They emphasize the need for a comprehensive EU strategy that addresses the root causes of displacement, such as armed conflict and persecution.

EU's Response and Pending Decision

The EU has acknowledged the urgent need for support for the countries hosting Ukrainian refugees. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has stated that the bloc is working on a plan to provide assistance.

The EU is currently considering various options for supporting Poland, Czechia, and Germany. One possibility is the creation of a dedicated fund or instrument to cover refugee-related expenses. Another option is to use existing EU funds, such as the European Social Fund Plus, to provide support.

The EU is expected to make a decision on the request from Poland, Czechia, and Germany soon. The outcome of this decision will have significant implications for the ability of these countries to continue providing assistance to Ukrainian refugees.


The ongoing refugee crisis caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine has placed a significant financial burden on Poland, Czechia, and Germany. These countries are appealing to the EU for assistance in covering the costs of hosting and caring for Ukrainian refugees. The EU is considering various options for providing support and is expected to make a decision soon. The outcome of this decision will be crucial in ensuring that these countries can continue to provide essential services to those displaced by the conflict.

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