Qualcomm's Android Update Enhancements for OEMs

Qualcomm has unveiled a suite of optimizations for Android updates, empowering Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with enhanced control, efficiency, and flexibility in delivering software updates to their devices. These advancements are designed to address the challenges associated with Android fragmentation and ensure a seamless, consistent update experience for users.

1. Project Treble Expansion

Project Treble, introduced in Android Oreo, modularized the Android operating system to separate vendor-specific code from the Android framework. This allowed OEMs to update the Android framework independently of their own customizations, streamlining the update process and reducing the risk of compatibility issues.

Qualcomm's latest optimizations expand on Project Treble, further simplifying the update process for OEMs. They enable OEMs to isolate and control their vendor-specific implementations, allowing for more targeted and efficient updates. This results in faster, more reliable software updates for devices.

2. Virtual A/B Partitions

Virtual A/B partitions are a key component of Qualcomm's update optimizations. This technology allows OEMs to maintain two active Android partitions on a single device. When an update is available, it is installed on the inactive partition while the active partition continues to run the current version of the operating system.

Once the update is installed, the device seamlessly switches to the updated partition, minimizing downtime and ensuring a smooth transition. Virtual A/B partitions also enable rollbacks to previous versions of the operating system if necessary.

3. Dynamic Partitioning

Dynamic partitioning further enhances the flexibility of Android updates. This feature allows OEMs to dynamically allocate storage space to different partitions based on usage patterns. For example, an OEM could allocate more space to the system partition if device users are installing a lot of apps, or more space to the user data partition if they are storing a lot of media files.

Dynamic partitioning ensures that devices have ample storage space for both system updates and user data, preventing updates from becoming stuck due to insufficient space.

4. Extended OEM Control

Qualcomm's update optimizations provide OEMs with greater control over the update process. OEMs can now define update rollouts based on specific criteria, such as device model, region, or carrier requirements. This allows OEMs to target updates to specific groups of devices, ensuring that critical updates are delivered promptly to the devices that need them most.

Benefits for Users:

The optimizations introduced by Qualcomm translate into numerous benefits for users:

  • Faster Updates: Project Treble expansion and virtual A/B partitions enable faster, more efficient software updates. Users will receive updates more quickly and with minimal disruption to their device usage.
  • Reduced Fragmentation: By providing OEMs with enhanced control and flexibility in delivering updates, Qualcomm's optimizations reduce Android fragmentation. Users can expect more consistent update experiences across different devices from different manufacturers.
  • Improved Stability: Virtual A/B partitions and dynamic partitioning ensure that updates are installed seamlessly and without compromising device stability. Users can enjoy a reliable and stable operating system experience.
  • Increased Security: Timely updates are essential for maintaining device security. Qualcomm's optimizations ensure that critical security updates are delivered promptly to devices, protecting users from vulnerabilities.


Qualcomm's latest optimizations for Android updates empower OEMs with greater control, efficiency, and flexibility in delivering software updates to their devices. These enhancements address the challenges of Android fragmentation and ensure a seamless, consistent update experience for users. By leveraging Project Treble expansion, virtual A/B partitions, dynamic partitioning, and extended OEM control, Qualcomm is paving the way for a future where Android updates are faster, more reliable, and more secure for all.

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