Samsung's Ambitious AI Laptop Falters Amid Glitches and Software Incompatibility

Samsung's recent foray into the AI-infused laptop market has hit a roadblock, with the latest model experiencing significant problems running essential software applications, including the popular "Fortnite." Despite promising to revolutionize the laptop experience, the new device has left users and critics alike disappointed.

Promises and Pitfalls

Samsung unveiled its latest laptop, aptly named the "Galaxy Book Pro 2," with great fanfare, touting its advanced AI capabilities and sleek design. The device was marketed as a productivity powerhouse, featuring an integrated AI assistant, "Bixby," designed to enhance workflow and streamline tasks. However, early user reviews and independent testing have exposed severe software compatibility issues that have made the laptop virtually unusable for certain essential applications.

Fortnite Failure

Among the most glaring problems is the inability to run the popular online game "Fortnite." Many users have reported that the game crashes or freezes when played on the Galaxy Book Pro 2, despite meeting the minimum system requirements. This issue has been a major disappointment for gamers, who represent a significant portion of the potential market for the device.

Software Incompatibility

The software compatibility woes extend beyond Fortnite. Users have also encountered problems with other popular applications, such as the video editing software Adobe Premiere Pro and the music production software Ableton Live. These issues have severely hindered the laptop's productivity potential, making it difficult to perform basic tasks that are essential for many users.

AI Shortcomings

In addition to the software compatibility problems, the AI capabilities of the Galaxy Book Pro 2 have also come under scrutiny. While Samsung marketed "Bixby" as an intelligent assistant that could enhance productivity and user experience, reviewers have found it to be slow, unresponsive, and often inaccurate. The AI features have failed to deliver the transformative experience that Samsung had promised.

Disappointed Users

The software and AI shortcomings of the Galaxy Book Pro 2 have left many users feeling dissatisfied and frustrated. They had purchased the device with high expectations, hoping to experience the benefits of AI-infused computing. However, the reality has fallen far short of their hopes, leaving them with a laptop that fails to meet their needs.

Samsung's Response

Samsung has acknowledged the software compatibility issues affecting the Galaxy Book Pro 2 and has pledged to address them through software updates. However, the company has not provided a specific timeline for when these updates will be released. In the meantime, users are left with a device that is not fully functional for their intended purposes.

Market Implications

The problems with the Galaxy Book Pro 2 have cast a shadow over Samsung's reputation as a leader in innovation. The company's foray into the AI laptop market has been marred by setbacks, raising questions about the viability of such devices. Potential customers are likely to be wary of investing in a device that may struggle to run essential software applications.


Samsung's Galaxy Book Pro 2, hailed as a breakthrough in AI-powered computing, has stumbled at the starting line. Severe software compatibility issues, including the inability to run popular applications like "Fortnite," have undermined the laptop's functionality and disappointed users. The device's AI capabilities have also fallen short of expectations, leaving many wondering if the promise of AI-infused laptops is simply hype. As Samsung works to address the problems, the Galaxy Book Pro 2 serves as a cautionary tale about the challenges of bringing AI into the mainstream computing experience.

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