Trump Campaign Holds Roundtable at Atlanta Barbershop


On Thursday, October 20, 2022, the Trump campaign organized a roundtable discussion at the Hairitage Barbershop in Atlanta, Georgia. The event brought together a diverse audience of African American community leaders, business owners, and voters.

Focus of the Roundtable

The primary objective of the roundtable was to engage with Black voters and address their concerns and priorities. The Trump campaign officials aimed to highlight the administration's accomplishments, discuss the president's commitments to the African American community, and listen to the perspectives of attendees.


  • The roundtable was led by Katrina Pierson, National Spokesperson for the Trump Campaign.
  • Other campaign officials in attendance included Mitch Morgan, National Spokesperson for Black Voices for Trump.
  • Community leaders such as Darrell Scott, CEO of the National Diversity Coalition for Trump, and Bishop Horace Smith also participated.
  • Attendees included local business owners, community activists, and voters from diverse backgrounds.

Discussion Points

The discussion covered a wide range of topics, including:

  • The economy: Attendees expressed concerns about the rising cost of living and job opportunities. Campaign officials highlighted the Trump administration's policies, such as tax cuts and deregulation, which they credited with creating jobs and boosting the economy.
  • Healthcare: The roundtable participants discussed access to affordable healthcare and concerns about the Affordable Care Act. Campaign officials emphasized the Trump administration's efforts to expand access to health insurance options.
  • Education: Attendees raised issues related to improving educational opportunities for African American students. Campaign officials highlighted the administration's support for school choice programs and its focus on vocational and technical education.
  • Criminal justice: The discussion touched upon concerns about over-policing and mass incarceration in Black communities. Campaign officials discussed the Trump administration's efforts to reform the criminal justice system, such as the First Step Act.
  • Voting rights: Attendees raised concerns about potential voter suppression efforts. Campaign officials emphasized the importance of ensuring fair and accessible elections.

Campaign Officials' Message

Katrina Pierson and other campaign officials emphasized the Trump administration's commitment to the African American community. They highlighted the president's appointment of Black officials to high-level positions, his support for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), and his efforts to address economic disparities.

Community Perspectives

Attendees expressed a range of perspectives. Some participants praised the Trump administration's policies, while others voiced concerns about the administration's rhetoric and policies. The roundtable provided a platform for open and honest dialogue between the Trump campaign and African American voters.

Impact and Significance

The roundtable was a significant outreach effort by the Trump campaign to engage with Black voters in Atlanta. It provided an opportunity for community members to share their perspectives and concerns directly with campaign officials. The event also served as a platform to highlight the Trump administration's accomplishments and its commitments to the African American community.

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