Why is Dallas-Fort Worth Hosting 12 Copa América and World Cup Games? It's Not Because of Soccer Culture

Despite not being renowned for its soccer culture, the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex has been selected to host 12 major soccer tournaments, including the prestigious Copa América and World Cup. This unexpected choice has raised eyebrows and prompted questions about the motivations behind such a decision.

Overlooked Soccer Market

Historically, the Dallas-Fort Worth area has not been considered a hotbed for soccer. Traditional American sports, such as football, baseball, and basketball, have dominated the local sports landscape. Soccer, while gaining popularity, still lags behind other sports in terms of fan engagement and participation.

Financial Considerations

The primary reason for Dallas-Fort Worth's hosting selection lies in financial considerations. The metroplex boasts a robust economy, a vibrant business community, and a track record of successfully hosting major sporting events. Sponsors, corporations, and investors were eager to associate their brands with the global appeal of soccer tournaments, recognizing the immense marketing and promotional opportunities they presented.

World-Class Infrastructure

Dallas-Fort Worth has invested heavily in its infrastructure, including the construction of state-of-the-art sports facilities. The AT&T Stadium in Arlington, with its massive capacity and cutting-edge amenities, is an ideal venue for hosting large-scale soccer games. The city also possesses numerous other high-quality stadiums, training grounds, and transportation infrastructure to support the influx of teams, fans, and media.

Global Exposure

Hosting major soccer tournaments provides Dallas-Fort Worth with an unparalleled opportunity to showcase its city on a global stage. The tournaments attract millions of viewers worldwide, offering the metroplex an invaluable chance to promote its tourism, culture, and business climate. The presence of international teams, media, and tourists brings not only economic benefits but also increased international recognition and prestige.

Economic Impact

The hosting of Copa América and World Cup games is expected to generate significant economic activity for Dallas-Fort Worth. Hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, and other businesses will benefit from the influx of visitors and the increased spending associated with the tournaments. Direct and indirect job creation is also anticipated, further stimulating the local economy.

Sports Tourism

The hosting of major soccer events has the potential to transform Dallas-Fort Worth into a sports tourism destination. The city can leverage its experience and infrastructure to attract not only soccer fans but also other sports enthusiasts looking for unforgettable experiences. By developing a reputation as a hub for sports events, the metroplex can diversify its tourism industry and appeal to a wider market.

Growth of Soccer

While the primary motivations for hosting these soccer tournaments may not be directly related to soccer culture, their presence in Dallas-Fort Worth has the potential to foster its growth and development. The exposure to world-class soccer, the influx of talented players and coaches, and the excitement surrounding the tournaments can inspire young people to pursue the sport and fuel a passion for soccer within the community.


The selection of Dallas-Fort Worth to host 12 Copa América and World Cup games is not solely based on its existing soccer culture. Financial considerations, world-class infrastructure, global exposure, economic impact, sports tourism, and the potential to stimulate soccer growth were all significant factors in the decision-making process. While Dallas-Fort Worth may not yet be a soccer stronghold, its hosting of these prestigious tournaments represents a strategic investment in the city's future and a catalyst for the development of soccer culture in the region.

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