Android 15 Expected to Enhance Display Accessibility with Color Correction Slider


Android 15, the upcoming major update to the Android operating system, is expected to introduce a new accessibility feature: a color correction slider. This feature aims to improve the visual experience for users with color vision deficiencies or low vision by allowing them to adjust the color temperature and hue of their screen.

Benefits for Users with Color Vision Deficiencies

Color vision deficiencies, such as red-green color blindness, can make it difficult to distinguish between certain colors. The color correction slider in Android 15 will enable users to adjust the hue and saturation of the displayed colors, making it easier to identify and differentiate colors. This can enhance the usability of apps, games, and other content that relies heavily on color cues.

Enhancing Low Vision Accessibility

For users with low vision, the color correction slider provides an additional way to improve visibility. By adjusting the color temperature, users can make the screen appear warmer or cooler, which can reduce eye strain and enhance readability. Additionally, increasing the saturation of colors can make them more distinct and easier to perceive.

How the Color Correction Slider Works

The color correction slider will likely be located in the Accessibility settings of Android 15. Users will be able to adjust the following parameters:

  • Color temperature: This setting adjusts the overall warmth or coolness of the displayed colors. A warmer temperature produces a more reddish tint, while a cooler temperature results in a more bluish tint.
  • Hue: This setting shifts the entire color spectrum, making certain colors appear more prominent or muted.
  • Saturation: This setting increases or decreases the intensity of colors, making them more or less distinct.

Potential Customization Options

Android 15 may also provide additional customization options for the color correction slider, such as:

  • Predefined profiles: Users may be able to choose from predefined color profiles designed for specific types of color vision deficiencies, such as protanopia (red-green color blindness) or deuteranopia (green-red color blindness).
  • Fine-tuning controls: Advanced users may have access to finer-grained controls that allow them to adjust specific color channels (e.g., red, green, blue) independently.

Expected Availability

The color correction slider is expected to be introduced as part of the Android 15 Developer Preview, which will likely be released in February or March 2023. The final version of Android 15 is expected to be released later in 2023.


The color correction slider in Android 15 is a significant step towards improving accessibility for users with color vision deficiencies or low vision. By providing a simple and intuitive way to adjust the screen's color palette, this feature can enhance the user experience for a wide range of individuals.


The color correction slider in Android 15 is a welcome addition that has the potential to greatly improve the accessibility and usability of Android devices for users with color vision deficiencies or low vision. Its customizable settings and ease of use will empower users to tailor their screen's colors to their specific needs and preferences.

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