Google Unveils "Besties" Widget for Easy Contact Access


Google recently introduced a new widget for its Contacts app called "Besties." This widget is designed to provide quick and convenient access to the most frequently contacted individuals, streamlining communication and making it easier to stay connected with loved ones.

Key Features

The Besties widget offers several key features that enhance its functionality:

  • Quick Dial and Message: Each contact in the widget features quick buttons for direct dialing or sending messages, allowing users to instantly connect with their favorites with a single tap.
  • Customizable Size: The widget comes in two sizes, a compact 2x1 and a larger 4x2 option, enabling users to choose the size that best suits their home screen layout and preferences.
  • Profile Pictures: The widget displays profile pictures for each contact, making it easy to visually identify and differentiate between them.
  • Recent Interactions: The widget highlights recent interactions with each contact, providing a convenient way to resume previous conversations or check for missed calls or messages.

Benefits of the Besties Widget

The Besties widget offers several advantages that make it a valuable addition to any Android device:

  • Enhanced Accessibility: The widget provides instant access to frequently contacted individuals, saving time and effort searching for contacts within the Contacts app.
  • Personalized Communication: By displaying custom profile pictures, the widget adds a personal touch to communication, allowing users to easily recognize their favorites.
  • Simplified Messaging: The quick buttons for direct dialing and messaging facilitate seamless communication, streamlining the process of connecting with loved ones.
  • Improved Organization: The widget gathers the most important contacts in one place, reducing clutter and providing a central hub for communication.

Setup and Use

Setting up the Besties widget is a straightforward process:

  1. Long-press the home screen: On your Android device, long-press on an empty area of the home screen to bring up the Widgets menu.
  2. Select the Contacts widget: Scroll down and locate the Contacts widget.
  3. Choose the Besties widget: Select the "Besties" widget from the available options.
  4. Customize the widget (optional): Adjust the widget's size and hide or show contact names as desired.
  5. Add contacts: Tap on the "Add contacts" option and select the individuals you want to include.

Additional Considerations

The Besties widget is currently available as an early access feature for Google One subscribers. It is expected to be released to the general public in the coming months. The widget requires Android 12 or higher to function.


Google's Besties widget is a convenient and personalized communication tool that simplifies the task of staying connected with frequently contacted individuals. Its user-friendly design, customizable options, and emphasis on quick access make it an invaluable addition to any Android device. With its potential to streamline communication, enhance accessibility, and add a personal touch to messaging, the Besties widget promises to become an indispensable tool for maintaining close relationships.

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