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Air Rifles Cometa Lynx V10

2012-09-25  ¦  Air Rifles AGAITI

With extensive experience in the manufacture of spring rifles, COMETA launches a new, feature-laden air rifle for hunting and field target shooting.

Air Rifles Cometa Lynx V10


Barrel length: 18.5 in. Overall length: 41.34 in. Weight: 8,16 lbs.

.177/4.5 mm., .22/5.5 mm. y .25/6,35 mm. calibers

Bottle: 400 cc./200 bar.

High precision cold hammered barrel. Integrated sound moderator.

Trigger adjustable for weight and length. Muzzle brake with thread 1/2 UNF.

Multishot easy charge of pellets. Optional magazine.

Ambidextrous wooden stock, available in natural and blue oil finishing.

Filted rubber pad.

Power easily adjusted by the user, acording to the laws of the country (from 8 to 60 joules, depending on the power setting and caliber). It allows the shooter to use the air rifle for hunting, Field Target, long and short ranges, etc.

Great number of shots per charge, offering up to 1000 shots in some configurations (400cc tank, power adjusted to 8 joules).

PRICE: 485€


MULTISHOT EASY HARGE OF PELLETS: 38€. Especial price pack 30€.

FILL STATION HPA: 62€. Especial price pack 50€.

3-9X40 FULL SIZE MIL-DOT SCOPE: 86€. Especial price pack 60€.