Qualcomm Streamlines Android Update Process for Phone Manufacturers

In an effort to enhance Android device longevity and user satisfaction, Qualcomm has announced a series of initiatives aimed at simplifying and expediting the process for phone makers to issue major Android updates. These initiatives are designed to address the industry-wide challenge of delivering timely and comprehensive software updates to end-users.

Qualcomm Software Extension (QSE)

At the core of Qualcomm's update efforts lies the Qualcomm Software Extension (QSE). QSE is an extension of the Qualcomm Snapdragon Mobile Platform that provides a standardized hardware and software framework for Android devices. By leveraging QSE, phone makers can more easily develop and deploy software updates, ensuring that their devices remain up-to-date and secure.

Project Mainline

Qualcomm is also actively collaborating with Google on Project Mainline. This initiative partitions key Android components from the underlying operating system, allowing phone makers to update these components independently through the Google Play Store. This approach significantly reduces the time and resources required for device manufacturers to deliver critical security and performance updates.

OEM Feature-to-Platform (F2P)

Additionally, Qualcomm is introducing OEM Feature-to-Platform (F2P). F2P enables phone makers to incorporate their own unique features and customizations into the Android platform, while maintaining compatibility with future Android releases. This eliminates the need for device-specific forks of Android, streamlining the update process and ensuring that users have access to the latest Android features.

Quarterly Security Updates

Qualcomm has committed to providing quarterly security updates for all Snapdragon-powered devices. These updates will address known vulnerabilities, ensuring that devices remain protected against the latest security threats.

Extended Software Support

Recognizing the importance of long-term software support, Qualcomm has extended its software support commitment for all new Snapdragon-powered devices. This extended support period guarantees that devices will receive security updates for at least four years and will be eligible for at least two major Android upgrades.

Benefits for End-Users

Qualcomm's update initiatives offer numerous benefits to end-users, including:

  • Enhanced Device Longevity: By facilitating timely and comprehensive software updates, Qualcomm's initiatives extend the usable lifespan of Android devices, allowing users to enjoy their devices for longer.
  • Improved Security: Regular security updates protect devices against vulnerabilities and malware, ensuring that user data and privacy are safeguarded.
  • Access to Latest Features: Qualcomm's initiatives ensure that users have access to the latest Android features and innovations, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Simplified Update Process: By streamlining the update process, Qualcomm makes it easier for users to keep their devices up-to-date, reducing the risk of security breaches and performance issues.

Collaboration with Industry Partners

Qualcomm is working closely with industry partners, including Google, device manufacturers, and carriers, to ensure the successful implementation of these initiatives. The company is committed to fostering an ecosystem that prioritizes device longevity and user satisfaction.


Qualcomm's update initiatives represent a significant step forward in addressing the challenge of Android updates in the mobile industry. By standardizing hardware and software, leveraging Google's Project Mainline, extending software support, and providing quarterly security updates, Qualcomm is empowering phone makers to deliver timely and comprehensive Android updates to end-users. These initiatives will ultimately result in improved device longevity, enhanced security, and a better overall user experience for Android users.

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