Chris Gayle Expresses Reservations About Co-Hosting ICC Events

West Indies legend Chris Gayle has voiced his concerns regarding the International Cricket Council's (ICC) recent decision to co-host major events across multiple countries. Gayle believes that such arrangements compromise the integrity and authenticity of the tournaments.

In an exclusive interview, Gayle elaborated on his apprehensions, stating, "I'm not a fan of co-hosting ICC events because it takes away from the atmosphere and the uniqueness of the tournament. When you have a World Cup or a Champions Trophy, it should be hosted in one country so that the fans can immerse themselves in the experience."

Gayle's perspective stems from his belief that co-hosting dilutes the passion and camaraderie that typically characterize global cricket events. He explained, "Part of the specialness of these tournaments comes from the fact that they're held in one place and the fans can come together to create a vibrant and electric atmosphere. When you spread it across multiple countries, it just doesn't feel the same."

Furthermore, Gayle expressed concerns about the potential logistical challenges associated with co-hosting. He said, "There are a lot of logistical issues that can arise when you're trying to coordinate an event across different countries. You have to deal with travel, visas, accommodation, and all sorts of other things. It can be a nightmare for the organizers and the players."

In particular, Gayle highlighted the issues that can arise from differing playing conditions across multiple venues. He stated, "When you're playing in one country, you get used to the conditions and you can adjust your game accordingly. But when you're playing in different countries, you have to constantly adapt to different surfaces, different climates, and different pitches. It's not an ideal situation for the players."

Gayle's views align with those of several other prominent cricket figures, including former New Zealand captain Daniel Vettori and ex-India coach Ravi Shastri. Vettori expressed his concerns about the potential for "disjointed" tournaments, while Shastri questioned the "fairness" of co-hosting arrangements.

Despite the reservations expressed by Gayle and others, the ICC has defended its decision to co-host events, citing the need to expand the reach of the game and provide opportunities for more countries to participate. ICC CEO Geoff Allardice argued that co-hosting can "unlock new markets" and "grow the sport globally."

However, Gayle remains unconvinced, maintaining that co-hosting undermines the traditional format and atmosphere of ICC events. He believes that the ICC should reconsider its approach and focus on hosting global tournaments in a single location where the fans can fully embrace the passion and spectacle of the occasion.


Chris Gayle's stance on co-hosting ICC events highlights the ongoing debate surrounding the future of global cricket tournaments. While the ICC sees co-hosting as a means to expand the sport's reach, Gayle and others argue that it compromises the integrity and authenticity of the events. It remains to be seen whether the ICC will continue to pursue co-hosting arrangements in the future or whether it will consider revisiting its approach in light of the concerns raised by Gayle and other stakeholders.

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