Google Unveils Android 15 Beta 3.1, Addressing Pixel Lockscreen Issue


On July 1st, 2024, Google released Android 15 Beta 3.1, an incremental update to its upcoming mobile operating system. This latest beta version focuses primarily on resolving a significant issue affecting the lockscreen experience on Pixel devices.

Lockscreen Fix

The most notable improvement in Android 15 Beta 3.1 is a fix for a persistent bug that hindered the functionality of the lockscreen on Pixel phones. Users had reported experiencing occasional instances where the lockscreen would freeze, rendering it unresponsive to touch and preventing access to the device. Google has addressed this issue in the latest beta release, ensuring a seamless and reliable lockscreen experience.

Additional Changes

While the primary purpose of Android 15 Beta 3.1 is to rectify the lockscreen issue, it also includes several minor refinements and bug fixes. These include:

  • Enhanced compatibility with third-party apps, particularly those designed for Android 12 and Android 13.
  • Performance optimizations to improve overall system responsiveness and fluidity.
  • Stability improvements to minimize crashes and application failures.
  • Security enhancements to safeguard against potential vulnerabilities.


Android 15 Beta 3.1 is currently available for download via Google's Android Beta Program. Compatible devices include all Pixel smartphones from Pixel 4 and later, as well as select third-party devices from manufacturers such as Asus, OnePlus, and Xiaomi.

Installation Instructions

To install Android 15 Beta 3.1 on your eligible device, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that your device is running Android 15 Beta 3 and has an active internet connection.
  2. Open the Settings app and navigate to the "System" section.
  3. Select "Software Update" and check for updates.
  4. Once the update appears, tap "Download and Install."
  5. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation process.

Note: Installing beta software is not recommended for devices used for critical purposes. Beta releases may contain bugs and glitches that could affect device performance and data integrity.


Google encourages users to provide feedback on their experiences with Android 15 Beta 3.1 through the Android Beta Feedback app. This feedback helps Google identify areas for improvement and guide the development of future software updates.

Upcoming Releases

Android 15 Beta 3.1 is expected to be the final beta release before the official launch of Android 15, which is anticipated in the fall of 2024. Google has stated that it will continue to release maintenance updates for the Android 15 Beta program until the stable version is available.


Android 15 Beta 3.1 is a significant update that addresses a crucial issue affecting the Pixel lockscreen experience. It also introduces minor improvements and bug fixes to enhance overall system performance and stability. Users enrolled in the Android Beta Program are encouraged to install this update to benefit from the latest enhancements and provide feedback to assist in the development of Android 15.

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